Tearrland Machiavelli


Tearrland Machiavelli, Lieutenant Army of Northern Alysia (born December 7, 1148 in the city of Sequoia, Sylvan Kingdom), the second son of Lord Severus and Lady Alexandria Machiavelli.

Vital Statistics

Height: 5’9" Weight: 165lbs.
Light Brown Hair Hazel Eyes
Age: 255 (HE:19) Right Handed

Religious Affiliation: Alysian Orthodox (Non-Practicing)
Citizenship: Sylvan Kingdom (Gentry)

Family as of current date

Father Severus Machiavelli [Sylvan Elf] Age: 724 (HE: 55)
Mother Alexandria Machiavelli (née Armel) [Sylvan Elf] Age: 701 (HE: 53)
Brother Darius Machiavelli [Sylvan Elf] Age: 461 (HE: 35)
Brother Lorenzo Machiavelli [Sylvan Elf] Age: 234 (HE: 18)

Tearrland Machiavelli currently resides in the city of Iberlin and holds the rank of Lieutenant. He is the Aide-de-Camp to Guillaume Navarre, Marquis of the North. At the present time Tearrland is in the field with the Army of Northern Alysia in the region of Geatland.


His father holds a lordship title from land ownership not nobility.

Alexandria his mother was blinded in an attack from a feuding families. The attack its self was not to kill or harm his family but to put the family back financially but in the confusion she got in the way of a charging horse. The horse kicked her in the head, we found her beside a barn blind. Many guess who do not know of her disability remain unaware of it because she still runs the household with strength.

Darius his eldest brother is a knight and is now running a small military academy for young elf’s who wishes to serve the kingdom with precision and skill. At this academy is where Tearrland did his study’s in combat, history and military strategy.

Lorenzo is his younger brother who hasn’t been seen or heard from in two decades

Each member of the family has a jeweled pendent on a silver chain of the crest in basic detail.

The family’s wealth comes from surfaces mining of precious stones.

Family crest description: side by side connecting triangular shields, shields are red, the left shield has a white stag’s head and the right is a green fleur-de-lis.

Tearrland Machiavelli

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