Tam Sotto

A monk unwittingly embroiled in the schemes of the Winter Court, Tam is becoming to accept his role. Because being able to turn into animals. How Cool Is That!


Blond haired, blue eyed human in his early 20s, he stands 6’2" and weighs around 215 pounds.


Tam was born into the Sotto family, a minor human noble house specializing in weapons manufacture, generally alchemical. Having no hope of inheriting, but still closely related enough to have no money problems, Tam joined a monastary where he could pursue his love of growing things. While his relatives were doing alchemical research, Tam used his time to study and classify nature. He joined the Monastary of Acre where nature was studied and experiments in breeding were being conducted. The monks there also had appled their studies of nature to create improved forms of fighting based on various animals. Tam embraced these studies and soon became recognized as a valued student for both his martial abilities and his classification of animals. Many people used the monastary for their own research. One day while cleaning up after one such group, Tam was mystified by some of the notes they had discarded. Intrigued, he tried to recreate their line of research, becoming more and more alarmed as he pieced together what they were planning to attempt. The ancient books they were researching described a primal volcanic force. Once allowed to roam free when the world was being forged it was now imprisoned deep in the woodland realms. The researchers were part of what seemed to be a concerted effort to free this thing and according to what he could make of their calculations the time for their strike into the woodland realms was tonight. Thinking he had no time to get help (and having the prideful hinderence), Tam quickly made his way to where the researchers were camped. His worst fears were realized when he came upon their ritual. He couldn’t stop it and was brought into the woodland realms with the invaders. Unfortunately he was seriously burned in the attempt and the researchers were only a vanguard for a full out assault of the Plane of Fire upon the Woodland Realms. He was able to raise the alarm before he fell and what the Volcanolords intended to be a hit and run soon degenerated into a fight that lasted two years before the woodland realms were able to drive them from their lands. Tam was rescued by a dryad who nursed him back to health and he actively participated in the fight. The dryad taught him her magic and Tam soon gained a greater appreciation of nature other than the dry classification of flora and fauna. Once the volcanolords had been defeated, Tam was returned home. The realm he spent two years in was basically a volcanic lost world with dinosaurs and such and he has brought back a sabre toothed tiger with him.

His druidic living focus will be a Dawn Redwood and he would like 1 Guadian Servitor to guard his tree (Sabre toothed tiger)

Tam Sotto

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