Artemis "Slim" Stronghammer

Artemis "Slim" Stronghammer


Artemis “Slim” Stonghammer [ Half High Elf ] — (born May 31, 1326, in the city of Last Hold, United Kingdom), the only son of Garren and Alexa Stronghammer.

Memorable Quote“Most people don’t appreciate the finer points of bad behavior.”

Life Philosophy" I’ll always pay more for my life then they will. (Either in coin or sword)"

Vital Statistics

Height: 5’ 5" Weight: 140 lbs.
Dark Brown Hair Green Eyes
Age: 77 (HE: 17) Right Handed

Religious Affiliation: Alysian Orthodox (Practicing)
Citizenship: United Kingdom — formerly of the Petran Council (Citizen)

Family – as of July 23, 1402

Father Garren Stronghammer [Human] (deceased)
Mother Alexa Stronghammer (née Ardant) [HIgh Elf] Age: 448 (HE: 32)
Wife Renée Stronghammer (née Westerville) [Human] Age: 24

Titles and Honors

  • Watchmen of Petra (Petran Council) — Watchman
  • Azure Guard of the United Kingdom — Azure Knight
  • United Kingdom Navy — Commodore



  • Aedramir — Turkamon “Turk” Dernière Attente — Merchant
  • Aedramir — Declan Soucrem — Entertianer/Fence
  • Aedramir — Kouri — Enforcer/Professional
  • Aedramir — Izzy Fairimen — Elementalist for Hire
  • Aedramir — The Puppeteer — Assassin

Currently — Artemis Stronghammer was recently made Knight within the Azure Guard and has passed flight school (D stands for Diploma). He operates under his true name in Saule preparing for the summer Campaign against the Dwarven invasion.


He was born in Last Hold, Vallis. At the age of 24 (Human Equivalent Age of 8), Slim moved with his mother and father to the town of Petra. After living in Petra for only 5 years the town of Petra became embroiled in the Orcish dominance wars. During this time he was an adolescent who in his anger, following his father’s death defending the Seven Towers, he stole a child’s, Wooden Knight. That single act gave him many years of grief, had the fates revealed to him that this child would become Bishop Aden of Petra he would have chosen a different way to acquire the knight. He is now in his 76 years of age (Human Equivalent Age of 17) and a man of his own making.

His true belief is in the honesty of coin

Once Owned: The Watch Men Tavern in Petra and The Golden Inn in Mishra
Now Owns: The Watchmen Haven and The Dockside Boarding House in Aedramir.
Original member of the Watchmen

Disclaimer: Player may or may not have been reading Eragon at character creation.

Artemis "Slim" Stronghammer

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