Pharohn Evandale

Pharohn Evandale (née Navarre) -- Queen of the United Kingdom


Pharohn Evandale, Queen of the United Kingdom [ Female Grey Elf ] — (born August 10, 1054 in the city of Saule, Elven Kingdom), the youngest daughter of Guillaume and Anastasia Navarre.

Memorable Quote“I might have learned to dance from my mother, but I learned to use this (sword) from my father.”

Vital Statistics

Height: 5’ 5" Weight: 105 lbs.
Deepest Brunette Hair Green Eyes
Age: 352 (HE: 22) Right Handed

Religious Affiliation: Alysian Reform (Layman) — Practicing
Citizenship: United Kingdom (Royalty)
Titles and Honors: United Kingdom (Queen), Sylvan Kingdom (Princess)

Family – as of March 1, 1407

Father Guillaume Navarre [High Elf] Age: 709 (HE: 50) Born: January 30, 698
Mother Anastasia Navarre (née l’Aedra) [Grey Elf] Age: 703 (HE: 43) Born: July 10, 703
Half-Brother Trajon Ossius (deceased) [Sylvan Elf] Age: 272 (HE: 19) at death Born: January 4, 1018 — Died: March 21, 1290
Sister Perseajon Corvallis (née l’Aedra) [Grey Elf] Age: 376 (HE: 23) Born: October 20, 1030
Half-Brother Louis Sylvanus [Sylvan Elf] Age: 56 (HE: 10) Born: December 21, 1350

Titles and Honors

  • Queen of United Kingdom (United Kingdom) — Queen
  • Princess of Sylvan Kingdom (Sylvan Kingdom) — Princess


  • None

Queen Pharohn is the wife of King Carol Evandale. They reign as coregents of the United Kingdom.


Pharohn Evandale

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