Dumas Boulanger de Gateau

Dumas Boulanger de Gateau -- High Elf Adventurer


My name is Dumas Boulanger de Gateau. I am of the family that makes Lembas bread some of the best in the all of Alysia. I really did not like baking or any of the many processes that go with it. So as a youth I would always sneak away to do other things and would get into trouble. Finally I was allowed to join the militia which wasn’t much, but I got to travel around and found I enjoyed it. We would travel from town to town and chase the occasional bandit and conquer many beakers of ale.

I got a chance to travel to Hy-Brasil and did not come back for many years. I puttered around Hy-Brasil for a while and then joined a harbor fortification crew and learned the new art of firing cannon. A big brass cylinder that fired a iron ball that would smash into a ship or group of soldiers and if you shot well you would damage the ship or kill many soldiers. Quit the weapon. I tired of this and joined a Elvish corsair as a gunner. Never really learned any sailing but learned to fire cannon at sea. During one battle we boarded a dwarvish pirate ship. After a fierce fight upon which some of the dwarves had a HAND CANNON called a pistol. I was quite amazed and managed to kill one that had a pistol and looted it. Yes he had already shot it. I was able to claim the pistol as part of my prize from this ship. An Elvin officer knew how to shoot one. He trained me in its used and we often sparred with rapier and pistol to improve our abilities with it. Several other officers and crew who had looted pistols joined us. When attacking someone who was not familiar with pistols the shock value gave us a advantage. After several years of doing this and serving on several ships, I decided it was time to return home and visit the folks.

The family was very glad to see me and I visited all my old haunts and places of despair (kitchens). Then after about six months I traveled to Aedromir and sampled the culture of the capital city of the Sylvan Kingdom. It was a very nice city even though it had been razed to the ground and rebuilt. I had a letter of introduction from my great aunt to her son who had a residence in the city. She I went by his Estate and got an intelligence update on things happening in the city and the continent. As I had plenty of money I sampled the best that Aedromir had to offer. Warning the Cillcian food is VERY hot, but good.

I was just getting ready to move on when guardsmen by the name of Dante stopped by to chat with me. He said I had come highly recommended to him by Captain Melchizedec of the Elvin corsair Northwind, a good man. He needed men at arms to protect a paladin. They job was temporary for a year or so and would pay 5 gold a month. I agreed and I was first introduced to Sir Carol Evendale a paladin of Phos. He was new to these lands and seemed to find trouble like iron to lodestone. What was worse some of the other men at arms would get on to Sir Carol for getting into trouble then start a fight themselves just because they didn’t like someone and get Sir Carol into a fight. Some body guards.

After leaving Sir Carols service. Rumor had it Dumas is in a monastery undergoing counseling after seeing Sonia Ironhand naked and drunk. Truthfully he is serving as a Lieutenant in charge of the cannons on a elven dreadnought.

Dumas Boulanger de Gateau

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