Anastasia Navarre

Anastasia Onnisius Navarre Sylvanus Navarre (née l'Aedra) -- Queen Mother of the Sylvan Kingdom


Anastasia__2_.jpgAnastasia Onnisius Navarre Sylvanus, Queen Mother of the Sylvan Kingdom (née l’Aedra, born July 10, 703 in the city of Avalon, Elven Kingdom), the second daughter of Aslyn I and Anne I.

Vital Statistics

Height: 5’ 9" Weight: 115 lbs.
Blonde Hair Blue Eyes
Age: 699 (HE: 43) Right Handed

Religious Affiliation: Alysian Orthodox (Practicing)
Citizenship: Sylvan Kingdom (Queen Mother)

Family – as of July 23, 1402

Father Aslyn l’Aedra [Grey Elf] (deceased)
Mother Eleanor Anne l’Aedra (née Valois) [Grey Elf] (deceased)
Sister Lauralie l’Aedra [Grey Elf] (deceased)
Sister Lilianne Evandale (née l’Aedra) [Grey Elf] Age: 613 (HE: 38)
Half-Brother Dante l’Umbria [Dark Elf] Age: 605 (HE: 60)
First Husband (divorced) Willem Ossius [Sylvan Elf] (deceased)
Second Husband (declared deceased) Guillaume Navarre [High Elf] Age: 704 (HE: 50)
Third Husband Adric Sylvanus [Sylvan Elf] Age: 761 (HE: 58)
Son (by Willem Ossius) Trajon Ossius Navarra [Sylvan Elf] (deceased)
Daughter (by Guillaume Navarre) Persiajon Corvalis (née Navarre) [Grey Elf] Age: 371 (HE: 23)
Daughter (by Guillaume Navarre) Pharohn Navarre [Grey Elf] Age: 348 (HE: 21)
Son (by Adric Sylvanus) Louis Sylvanus [Sylvan Elf] Age: 51 (HE: 4)

Anastasia Sylvanus has recently seperated from her current husband Adric Sylvanus, current regent of the Sylvan Kingdom and is currently living in the city of Aedramir at the villa of Kalnius Shieldarm. It is believed Anastasia is seeking an annulment of her marriage to Sylvanus so she can return to Guillaume Navarre who has recently returned after being believed dead after the Battle of Astral Seas. Her son, King Louis I, has gone into hiding recently in preparation for what many people believe is an emanate change in government.


Anastasia Onnisius Navarre Sylvanus, Queen Mother of the Sylvan Kingdom (née l’Aedra, born July 10, 703).

Anastasia is an extraordinarily skilled dancer as well as being a very gifted and powerful sorceress. She is the second daughter of King Aslyn I and Queen Anne I. She has two sisters Lauralie l’Aedra (deceased) and Lilianne Evandale both of which are grey elves, and a half brother named Dante l’Umbria (by Duchess Cleovadra “Cleodra” l’Umbria) who is a dark elf.

Anastasia has been married 3 times. Her first husband was Count Willem Ossius (Sylvan Elf) and had one son by him, the sylvan elf Trajon Ossius Navarre. Her second husband was the high elf Marquis Guillaume Navarre. Anastasia had two grey elven daughters by Guillaume named Persiajon and Pharohn. After Guillaume’s assumed death in 1350, Anastasia was quickly wed to Adric Sylvanus and had a sylvan elf son by him named Louis.

Anastasia Navarre

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