Aialla Shadowstorm

Female Sand Elf -- Azure Knight & Professor of Necromancy (University l'Aedra)


Aialla Shadowstorm, Senior Sage & Dame of the Azure Guard [ Female Sand Elf ] — (born April 10, 1118 in the city of Sadina, Sultanate of Sadina), the oldest daughter of Harad and Illia Shadowstorm.

Memorable Quote — In reference to her homunculus familiar, “You may believe it’s an abomination, but I think it’s cute.”

Vital Statistics

Height: 5’ 5" Weight: 105 lbs.
Titian Hair Green Eyes
Age: 288 (HE: 26) Right Handed

Religious Affiliation: Alysian Orthodox (Layman) — Non-Practicing
Citizenship: Sultanate of Sadina (Lesser Noble) & United Kingdom (Lesser Noble)
Titles: Sultanate of Sadina (Lady), United Kingdom (Knight), University of l’Aedra (Lesser Scholar, Full Magus, & Assistant Professor)

Family – as of March 1, 1407

Father Harad Shadowstorm [Sand Elf] Age: 618 (HE: 56) Born: July 6, 788
Mother Illia Shadowstorm (née al’Rashid) [Sand Elf] Age: 583 (HE: 53) Born: February 23, 824
Sister Artasia Shadowstorm [Sand Elf] Age: 202 (HE: 17) Born: June 15, 1214


  • Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Azure Griffon (United Kingdom) — Dame & Senior Sage
  • Doctorate in Necromancy from University l’Aedra (United Kingdom) — Full Magus
  • Masters in Arcane Arts from University l’Aedra (United Kingdom) — Lesser Scholar
  • Professor of Necromancy at University l’Aedra (United Kingdom) — Assistant Professor


Aialla Shadowstorm is the Senior Sage of the Azure Guard. Being the highest level arcane caster currently active in the Guard, Aialla is responsible for the education and training of all new Azure Guard members and is a vast resource of arcane information which the rest of the Guard can rely on in times of need. Aialla is a member of the faculty of the University l’Aedra with the title of Full Magus. She completed her education with graduate degrees at the University l’Aedra in both Arcane Arts and Applied Necromancy. Aialla has been a Dame in the “Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Azure Griffon” for four years now. She is currently serving at in the city of Aedramir, capital of the United Kingdom and currently resides in her private quarters at the University l’Aedra.


Aialla Shadowstorm

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