Yon Pistoire

Abba Yon Pistoire -- Southern Orthodox Priest


Yon Pistoire (born July 13, 1312 in the city of Phoenix, Zaranese Empire), the illegitimate son of Analia Pistorie and an unknown Sand Elf from the Sultanate of Anatolia.

Vital Statistics

Height: 5’ 10" Weight: 175 lbs.
Dark Brown Hair Brown Eyes
Age: 90 (HE: 25) Right Handed

Religious Affiliation: Southern Orthodox (Ordained: Title of Abba)
Citizenship: Kingdom of Phoenix (Freeman)


Father Mother (Step-Father)
Unknown [Sand Elf] (deceased) Analia Homulan (née Pistoire) [Human] (deceased) Dar Homulan [Human] (deceased)
Brother Sister Brother
Dar Homulan II [Male Human] (deceased) Anella Dramar (née Homulan) [Female Human] Neri Homulan [Male Human]

Abba Yon is an ordained Southern Orthodox priest who has recently taken service with the young human knight errant named Carol Evandale and is currently residing in the city of Aedramir, Alysia of the Sylvan Kingdom.


Yon Pistoire

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