Alysia Rising

Alysia Rising is an OGL (3.5) high fantasy game of my own creation. Overgrown-forest-road.jpgThis campaign is set in the world of Parth. A universe where the elves have (more or less) ruled from beyond memory. Though it is a high fantasy game there are many elements of the European High Renaissance. The predominate religion in the world of Parth is centered around the worship of Phos (Greek for Light). This has allowed me to bring in a strong monotheistic feel to the game which much better matches the High Renaissance and the struggles between the Protestant Reformers and the Roman Catholic Church during the Protestant Reformation. With this game I am trying to explore an area of high fantasy which is mostly neglected (and in doing so test my own OGL system). I hope you enjoy the exploits of the noble (and sometime nefarious) adventurers who currently navigate the dangerous lands of the World of Alysia Rising.

Ozmondi al’Qaas

Welcome to the world of Alysia

Road.jpgIt is March in the year is 1407 of the Third Age. It has been a almost 57 years since the fall of Zanarus the Defiled, Lichking of Sheshak. In the intervening time, the world of Alysia has started to recover. While most of the nations of Alysia were exhausted from the 250 plus years of battle and domination by the Lichking of Sheshak, the elves remained in hiding and were ready for his fall and have reclaimed and rebuilt large sections of their former lands. Patiently biding their time on the mystical isle of Hy-Brasil and their hidden abode in the Caledonian Mountains known as the Grey Havens, the elves were ready to take advantage of the power vacuum created by the defeat of Zanarus the Defiled and in the 50 plus years since have restored much of what was lost in the previous quarter millennia. This has allowed the elves to place themselves in the familiar role as preeminent among the nations of Alysia. But the dwarves, who delivered the death-blow to the Lichking of Sheshak are now recovering too, and they want what they believe they earn by defeating the lichking… the World.

Weekly Spotlight

Political or Historical Figure of the Week

Queen Pharohn I, current Queen of the United Kingdom.

Non-Player Characters of the Week

Jax of Pamplona, Soldier with the Pamplona 1st Light Cavalry, currently with the Army of Northern Alysia on campaign against the Giants of Riesen.

Ensil Lorenz, Lieutenant with the Nassau 1st Light Cavalry, currently with the Army of Northern Alysia on campaign against the Giants of Riesen.

Leo Gotha, Hired assassin paid to murder Lieutenant Lorenz for the dueling death of Dodrik Engeti, the younger brother of Elerak Engeti who is a Lieutenant with Sierra Raiders (a light infantry unit from the Barony of Sierra). Gotha was executed two days after the assassination attempt just before the Army of Northern Alysia marched on campaign against the Giants of Riesen.

Location of the Week

Vigilant Watch, located in the heart of Saule is a new, rough and tumble riverboat and soldiers tavern. This is your place if you are looking for a rowdy good time in the rapidly growing United Kingdom new capital of Saule.

Remembrance of the Past

From the Writings of Tam Soto — An incident which occurred prior to Tam Sotto joining the Azure Guard.