Vigilant Watch


The Vigilant Watch is a new tavern in the center of the rapidly growing downtown area of Saule. With its prime location near the Clearwater river and close to the center of town, the Vigilant Watch is a wonderful place to catch a bite to eat or have a few laughs and enjoy the entertainment with the locales. This new tavern has become popular with both the riverboat crowd and with some of the Queen’s own as well. The Vigilant Watch is gaining a reputation as an excellent place to have a good meal or enjoy some lively drinking and dancing. With good food and a wide variety of drink choices from across the far reaches of Alysia, this working class tavern offers a taste of the common man.


The Vigilant Watch is owned by Argyle Wallace, a Mountain Dwarf from Thomso in West Frizia. After spending many years sailing the seas of Alysia this flamboyant ex-captain brings some of the northmen’s raucous love of life to this woodland village. As a Mountain Dwarf who made his fortune commanding a merchantmen on the high seas, Argyle has decorated his tavern in the fashion of ocean side taverns the world over. This seafarers style is a unique change of pace for the landlocked locals and makes for a wonderful experience for locals and visitors alike and grants the Vigilant Watch a special place in the hearts of the locals. The Vigilant Watch is a must stop for travelers to the Saule whether they are on business or just visiting. When you drop by, dress causally, bring your appetite, and expect a night of drinking, dancing, and a very good time.

Vigilant Watch

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