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Walled_city__Carcassonne__France.jpgAlysia Rising is a campaign set in the world of Parth, a world that up until the last couple of hundred years has been ruled by elves for from beyond memory of all but the elves themselves. It is 1407 of the Third Age. The world is trying to recover from the devastating reign of Xanathrus the Defiled, Lich King of Sheshak. Xanathrus’ 201 year reign of terror ended with his defeat at the battle of Thoringaard at a terrible cost. Percival Evandale, King of the United Kingdom, died without a living heir (or so it was believed). It was a little more than 50 years later that his grandson, Carol Evandale made his appearance and was crowned King of the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom now faces many threats both foreign and domestic. Can the members of the “Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Azure Griffon” commonly known as the Azure Guard defend the kingdom, protect the king and his queen, and blaze the path for the United Kingdom to regain its former glory? Only time will tell.

For information about the philosophy behind the creation of this game, follow this link.

An Explanation of the Game’s HIstory

The records held within span over 30 years of active (or semi-active) play in the world of Parth. Below you will find a list of links to the major iterations of this game and within these links are a list of the major player characters who were involved in that portion of the game.

  • Lost Valley — an Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game which ran from 1985 until 2000.
  • Videssos — a 3rd edition Dungeons and Dragons game which ran from 2000 until 2006.
  • Elven Empires — a version of D&D 3.5 to test new rule sets for an OGL game that ran from 2006 to 2009.
  • Alysia Rising — a game using the developed OGL rule set that has run from 2010 to present.

Persons of Interest

Persons of Interest are people (or in some cases creatures of myth and legend or just interesting animals of note) who the main protagonists meet, interact with, and occasionally fight. Persons of Interest are sometime abbreviated as Poi‘s. An alphabetical listing of these Poi’s are given below based on there social rank and standing (unusual creatures are listed in the Unusual, Mythical, or Supernatural category below. The main listing of all Poi’s is below and is listed alphabetically by first name).

Persons of Interest by political and social station

  • Sovereigns and Royalty — Leaders and Rulers of the World of Parth by country
  • Peers and High Nobility — Nobles in the line of succession to rule by country
  • Low Nobility — Noble born who are not in the line of succession by country
  • Gentry — Landed common born citizens who are members of the upper class
  • Yeomanry — Landed common born citizens who are members of the middle class
  • Peasantry — Landless common born citizens who are members of the lower class
  • Unusual, Mythical, or Supernatural — Creatures of unusual, mythical, preternatural, or supernatural origin

Persons of Interest in passing — obituary (Persons of Interest who have passed away)

Organizations of Interest

Organizations of Interest are either governmental agencies or private groups who the main protagonists have to deal with on a regular bases in either a positive or negative way. Organizations of Interest are sometimes branches of one of the governments, an organization affiliated with one of the religious groups, or a private group like a criminal organization or a business.

  • The Alysian Marshal Service — The premier law enforcement agency for the Alysian Alliance
  • Azure Fleet — The common name given to the United Kingdom’s naval forces
  • Azure Guard — The United Kingdom’s elite knights who served as both secret service & special forces
  • Centauri Guard — Personal Guards to the King of the United Kingdom
  • Collège Militaire Albion — The preeminent elven military academy on Parth
  • The Corleone Crime Family — Sylvan Elf run criminal organization based in Provincial Alysia
  • Crimson Guard — The Orthodox church guard
  • Elgin — Elite Elven Warriors from Elgin League.
  • Emerald Guard — The Personal Guard of the Queen of the United Kingdom
  • Knights of the Hold — A Honorable order of knights that hail from Last Hold
  • Knights of the Temple of Avalon — A holy order of Alysian Orthodox knights known as Templars
  • Maudlin Order — Monk Order Founded in Saule
  • Mountain Confederation —The Combined Beastmen Clans in the Barony of King’s Valley
  • Order of the Lili — A Special Honor given to those who served the Royal line of the United Kingdom.
  • The Sarducci Crime Family — Hill Dwarf run criminal organization based in Provincial Alysia
  • The University d’Avalon — The principal authority on theological education for the Alysian Orthodox Church
  • The University l’Aedra — The principal authority on magical and mundane education on Parth
  • The Watchmen — A Petran order from the South Continent

Common Races of Parth

The world of Parth is an unusual place. There are dozens if not hundreds of sentient races of human, human-like, and non-human creature who live, work, fight, and die on the world of Parth. Listed below are some of the most common of these races.

  • Dwarves — short, stocky, coarse haired human-like beings typically of a stubborn disposition.
  • Elves — sleight of build human-like figures, naturally gifted in magic, with a somewhat capricious nature.
  • Gnolls — tall, bipedal hound-like beings, with many characteristics normally associated with dogs.
  • Gnomes — small, dwarf-like beings naturally gifted with magic who dwell near rivers or underground.
  • Goblinkind — varying in size depending on sub-type, they are cunning, clever, and formidable.
  • Halflings — small, human-like beings with slightly wider builds proportionally to a human.
  • Humans — standard human-like beings.
  • Kobolds — small, draconic bipedal beings who claim to be blood relations of dragon-kind.
  • Ogres — very large, human-like beings that use there size advantage to menace other smaller races.
  • Orcs — human-like beings who relish in combat, war, and all things martial.
  • Rodini — small, rodent-like bipedal being who have mouse-like features and a long tail.
  • SaltarĂ© — bipedal amphibians with short squat bodies, moist smooth skin, and long hind legs for leaping.
  • Mixed Races — some races mix well and have developed into their own sub-groupings.

Cultural Notes of Interest and Legend

  • Destruction of Luna Urbana — the cataclysmic event that marked the end of the First Elven Age.
  • Fall of Parthia — the mythic fall of the Parthian Empire and the death of King Ninus I that marked the end of the Parthian Age.
  • Legend of Eponi — a mythical tale about Eponi, a legendary figure of the final days of the Parthian Age. .
  • Noble Titles and Peerage Rules — Interesting and helpful information about the various noble titles and how to address these nobles.

History of World of Alysia

  • Parthian Age — the time period from prehistory to the fall of Parthia.
  • First Elven Age — the time period from the fall of Parthia to the destruction of Luna Urbana.
  • Second Elven Age — the time period from the destruction of Luna Urbana to the battle of Fair Glades.
  • Age of the United Kingdom — the current age which is sometimes referred to as the Third Age.

Important Historical Figures of the World of Parth

  • Kings and Lords of the United Kingdom — a timeline of important figures and events of the United Kingdom.
  • Kings, Princes, and Lords of the Dwarven Holds — a timeline of important figures and events of the current Dwarven Kingdom.
  • Other Important Historical Leaders of the World of Parth — a timeline of important figures and events from elsewhere.
  • Important Figures of Antiquity — a list of important figures from throughout history.

Wars of the Age of the United Kingdom

  • Dwarven Millennial War — the war between the Elven Kingdom and the Dwarven Kingdom which began at the battle of Fair Glades.
  • First Alysian Civil War — the war of succession which occurred after the death of Aslyn I when he named Peter Evandale as his heir.
  • Iberian War — the war fought on the continent of Ionia by Peter I to quell a great undead host.
  • Second Alysian Civil War — the war of succession following the death of Peter I when he named his grandson, Leslie Evandale as his heir.
  • Ethnic Wars — the series of wars fought by Xanathrus the Defiled in his quest to eradicate the elves from the face of Parth.
  • Dwarven Alysian War — the war fought by several major dwarven lords against the Sylvan Kingdom, United Kingdom and Alysian Alliance,


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