Azure Knight's in Hell

An excerpt from, “The Third Book of Hezerat ali Bashad — Bard of the Third Age” by Emperor Hezerat I of the Cillician Empire.

The next event comes by way of Asmodius I, former Arch-Duke of the Hells. This account was about his former servant, Phongor, High Inquisitor of the Hells. As best as I can ascertain, this event took place in 1028 during the failed resurrection attempt by King Ninus, last king of Parthia.

City_of_Dis_1.JPGIn his report about the Elven Incursion, I asked him why he did not foresee these turns of events. It was quite unusual for him not to have advanced notice of such things. The Diabolic Oracle was rarely caught unawares. I remember his response like it was yesterday, “I did receive a vision of these events, oh Dread Lord. Unfortunately, this foreseeing had caused me to pass out from it’s intensity.” I gave him my usual scowl and of course he gave me his usual apologies. It was a formal setting and the usual proprieties must be maintained. All I said was, “Explain.” He and everyone in the room understood the implications. If I was displeased with his explanation, he would suffer for it. The Dread Lord of the Hells must maintain discipline. “Oh Dread Lord, the foreseeing was of an unusual intensity. Even for me.” I involuntarily allowed my eyebrows to rise slightly. I was surprised. This was very unusual for Phongor.

After a short pause Phongor continued, “My Lord, after the foreseeing had passed, I awoke lying on my study floor. I had felt its… intensity (he meant pain, not that he would ever say it in a formal setting) through my whole body and even up through my horn, sire.” Visions of this intensity are very rare indeed. Phongor rarely had them with this level of pain involved. Not that his visions were weak, but quite the contrary, his visions were so universally strong that it took something extraordinary for Phongor to feel one.

Phongor proceeded with the telling of the vision, “I saw myself running down a corridor and then turning right and running down another corridor. At the end of this second corridor I was standing at the Western thoroughfare. I saw something, and it was an amazing sight.” I was envious, I wish I had been granted to see it. A sight it must have been. Phongor continued, “That was the extent of the foreseeing. At which point I climbed to my feet and proceeded to run out of my study’s door in to the corridor. I shouted for some in the hallway to make way and then, just as my vision had shown me, I arrived at the Western thoroughfare just in time to see. It was glorious oh Dread Lord, Griffon’s flying through the Western thoroughfare. I could not help myself sire, I laughed at the sight of five Azure Knights mounted on their griffons, flying at top speed through the thoroughfare. The one in the lead saluted me as they flew past.”

“As I am sure you will be interested to know my Dread Lord, the names of the five Azure Knights in question are Kalnius Shieldarm, Edros Roharim, Xander leFluer, Taiglin Berylium, and Blaize Chalcedon.” Later, in my private chambers, Phongor explained the significance of what had transpired. It wasn’t that the Grand Citadel of Dis had been breached by the Azure Knights. That was expected. That they had the audacity to fly their griffons though was surprising. Phongor told me he watch them until they flew out of sight and afterwards just stared for a while before walking back to his study. He understood why the foreseeing was so unusual, something… someone… had wanted him to see this, but only at the last second.

Phongor was a friend. A rare thing in the Hells. I miss him.

Azure Knight's in Hell

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