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  • For free they were created and free they must remain


    _*An excerpt from the Journals of Phildrin Bloodrose just before the War of the Three Kingdoms*_

    After most of the expedition was called away, [[:carol | Sir Carol]] found himself in No Name City with just [[:marrathon | Marrathon]], [[: …

  • "Even a Reasonable Paladin is Still a Paladin."

    h4. _*Players Present*_ * [[:tam-sotto | Tam]] * [[:silas | Silas]] * Wier * [[:wilhelmina | Wilhelmina]] * [[:marrathon | Marrathon]] * [[:sonya | Sonya]] * [[:phildrin-bloodrose | Phildrin]] * [[:dumas | Dumas]] h4. _*PCs with Minor …

  • "'Of Roads, Bridges, and Misty Villages"

    h4. _*Players Present*_ * [[:phildrin-bloodrose | Phildrin]] * [[:tam-sotto | Tam]] * [[:wilhelmina | Wilhelmina]] * [[:jazira | Jazira]] * [[:abba-yon | Abba Yon]] * [[:jaimi | Jai'mi]] * [[:marrathon | Marrathon]] * [[:sonya | Sonya]] h4. _* …

  • "Good Troll Hunting" in a theater near you soon

    Well today we are going for the trolls. We are riding at a pretty slow pace. Marathon is out scouting point and Tam is a bird again. The Forest is bucolic and quiet now that the Dryad has left us be. It kinda strange to think that I could be the …

  • "A Guard Under Seige"

    h4. _*Players Present*_ * [[:slim | Artemis "Slim" Stronghammer]] * [[:sonya | Sonya Ironhand]] * [[:tam-sotto | Tam Sotto]] * [[:beleg | Talath "Beleg" Cuthalion]] * [[:wilhelmina | Wilhelmina Elindeale]] * [[:dumas | Dumas Boulanger de Gateau]] * …

  • A city at last

    Teleporting is fun and very convenient for travel and I didn’t have to ride double with anyone to get to [[Aedramir | Aedramir]]. Ah haha. I would like to know more about traveling that way. Now[[Aedramir | Aedramir]] it has changed some sense my few …

  • Game 19 -- From the Missives of Sonja the Habomination

    *Eponi Valley, August 1402* While we waited to return to Aedramir I asked about the Fae Bain sword that we had found and took it into my possession, I wanted to have that sword as a backup for the next time that I got lost in the dream realm; Dam …

  • Do you know the Musket Man?

    Phildrin wandered through the city in the mid-morning, keeping a low profile. He had a meeting with Turk soon, and he was trying to gather more information about the state of the city. As he was passing a tavern he glanced through the open door and …

  • "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity"

    h4. _*Players Present*_ * [[:dumas | Dumas Boulanger de Gateau]] * [[:jazira | Jazira al'Nuaim Zahranii]] * [[:jaimi | Jai'mi Berylium]] * [[:phildrin-bloodrose | Phildrin Bloodrose]] * [[:sonya | Sonya Ironhand]] * [[:tam-sotto | Tam Sotto]] * [[: …

  • Journal page from Artemis


    Every day that passes I feel the changes that are accruing around me are more than I can handle. I have yet to be able to truly establish anything that would help me in my goals. I wanted to have a haven from the political standing of the Azure …

  • Rogues will be rogues

    One evening Zedi approached me with a special mission. "Phildrin, I need you and Turk to retrieve some documents for me tonight. They should be in a satchel in a Crimson Guard lieutenant's apartment. Here's the address." Turk and I met and hashed out a …

  • Theater At Sea

    After two months at sea and a week since the last sighting of land, the three ships stop an hour before sunset. The crew raised the sails and begins setting up for something...But for what the Azure Guard and accompaniment could did not know. The crew if …

  • Alysia Rising -- Game 91 -- "Scouting for Trouble"

    h4. _*Players Present*_ * *[[:alariste | Alariste]]* _(at level 25)_ -- Knight Marshal of the Alysian Alliance and military adviser to [[:carol | King Carol]] * *[[:sonya | Sonya]]* _(at level 20)_ -- Knight Captain of the Azure Guard and Baron of the …

  • Missives of Sonya Ironhand 10


    This last week I was asked to track down a possible Mountain Giant sighting that would have been along the route that the army will be taking through the mountains. Normally I would have asked Marathon to come with me as he is the best tracker I …

  • Alysia Rising -- Game 93 -- "As the Army Marches"

    h4. _*Players Present*_ * *[[:marrathon | Marrathon]]* _(at level 22)_ -- King’s Huntsman, Baron of Kings Valley, & Gothi of the Mountain Confederation * *[[:maud | Maud]]* _(at level 19)_ -- Senior Abbess of the Monastery of Saule in Willowood * *[[: …

  • Guilles Casimir -- Friends and Enemies




    It’s no real secret that I’m not much of an Azure Guardsman, I mean I’m a fair hand in a fight, but I’m no [[:jazira | Jazira]] or even [[:taura | Taura]] for that matter. I’m not a skilled diplomat, spy, or tracker. …

  • Home Page


    _*Welcome to the world of Alysia*_


    _*A note to interested readers*_ -- If there is something you find of interest and would like to read more about, please leave a comment about it so we can try to give you more information about the …

  • Main Page


    _*Alysia Rising*_


    [[File:889463 | class=media-item-align-right | 420x314px | Walled_city__Carcassonne__France.jpg]]Alysia Rising is a campaign set in the world of Parth, a world that up until the last couple of hundred years has been …

  • Currency

    h5. In the world of Alysia, a silver piece is the rough equivalent of $20 US. Knowing this can give you some idea of the cost of goods and services you might expect in a local establishment. The conversion rate for various types of coins are as follows …

  • Current Events

    The dwarves are getting restless. The sand elves are getting crazier. The dark elves wish everybody would quit stomping around up there. The elves have gotten extremely whiny. The ogres are getting hungry.

  • Aedramir


    Aedramir is the largest city in the province of Alysia and the capital of the Sylvan Kingdom. It was rebuilt on the site of the original Aedramir just over 52 years ago and is a marvel of sylvan ingenuity. Its current population is approximately …

  • Elf Ages

    List of race age categories. |*Race*|*Human age = 20*|*Human age = 40*|*Human age = 60*| |Drow Elf|200|400|600| |Grey Elf|320|640|960| |High Elf|280|560|840| |Plains Elf|300|600|900| |Sand Elf|220|440|660| |Sylvan Elf|260|520|780| |Wood Elf|240 …

  • Classes

    "Adept":https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_eXfypo4J-7NEYwZ2FEZFQ5ZU0&authuser=0 "Archer":https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_eXfypo4J-7NkpNOFhpSlpPckU&authuser=0 "Assassin":https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_eXfypo4J-7TW8zQ3lXa2F3RU0&authuser=0 "Bard …

  • The Thirteen Realms

    h3. *The Thirteen Realms* h4. *[[Astria]]* (The Astral Realm) * [[Hy-Brazil]] * [[The Chasm]] * [[Gehenna]] * [[Sheba]] * [[Arcadia]] * [[Asgard]] h4. *[[Penumbra]]* (The Shadow Realm) * [[Shadowvale]] * [[Stormshadow]] h4. *[[Phenomena …

  • Continents of Alysia

    h4. *Continents of the World of Alysia* * [[Alysia (Continent)]] * [[Anatolia]] * [[Ionia]] * [[Oceana]] * [[Tundara]]

  • Aedun


    *Duchy of Aedun*


    The Duchy of Aedun is a signatory to the Alysian Accords.


    [[File:889811 | class=media-item-align-right | 200x75px | Province_of_Aedun.jpg]]Aedun is a region on the central west coast of the continent of …

  • Astoria Berylium

    [[File:452072 | class=media-item-align-left | Twins_2.jpg]] Astoria is on the right and Lolvi on the left.

  • Lolvi Berylium

    [[File:452072 | class=media-item-align-left | Twins_2.jpg]] Lolvi is on the left and her sister Astoria on the right.

  • Alysia (Continent)

    h4. Alysia (Continent) p. The most northern of the 4 continents of the world or Alysia is broken into 54 regions or provinces. Alysia consists of the main body of land that stretches from 60 degrees latitude in the north to 10 degrees northern …

  • Monastery at la Roche


    The ancient monastery at la Roche is in the mountainous region of Northeastern Riechsvald [[File:454228 | class=media-item-align-right | la_Roche.jpg]]near the griffon breeding grounds of Ororathoron. The now abandoned and difficult to reach …

  • Semiramus


    *Lady Semiramus* (From Whom All Demonkind Spawned), undying consort to King Ninus k'Arna, last Parthia monarch. [[File:454215 | class=media-item-align-right | Simarimus.JPG]]It is she from which the demons sprang, for so the legend goes. It is …

  • Age of the United Kingdom


    _*Timeline for the Age of the United Kingdom*_

    |_*Year*_|_*Event*_| |March 21, 357 *[[B3A]]*|Aslyn l’Aedra is born to Lemach VI and Eleanor of Navarre| |March 21, 0001|*Lemach VI*, *Crown Prince Lemach of Alysia*, & *Prince Caracticus of …

  • Serena Barone

    h4. [[File:455193 | class=media-item-align-left | 125x164px | Serena.jpg]]

    Serena Barone is the tall redhead who is the Senior Housekeeper at the Azure Guard Chapter House in Aedramir. At 5' 11" and 128 lbs., this Half High Elf is a striking beauty. …

  • Kings and Lords of the United Kingdom


    _*List of Kings and Queens of the United Kingdom*_

    |_*Years*_|_*Ruler*_|_*Co-Ruler*_| |0000 - 0387|[[King Aslyn I | King Aslyn I]]|| |0387 - 1013|[[King Aslyn I]]|[[Queen Anne I]]| |1013 - 1131|[[King Peter I]]|[[:lili | Queen Lili I]]| …

  • King Aslyn I


    *Aslyn l'Aedra, 1st King of the United Kingdom* (March 21, 357 [[B3A]] - March 21, 1013), Male Grey Elf. King Aslyn I lived to the age of 1370 (85 Human Equivalent Age). [[File:455602 | class=media-item-align-right | Aslyn_2.JPG]]Pictured here …

  • Queen Anne I


    *Anne l'Aedra (née Valois), 1st Queen of the United Kingdom* (July 19, 48 - July 21, 1018), female Grey Elf. Queen Anne I lived to the age of 970 (60 Human Equivalent Age). [[File:456394 | class=media-item-align-right | 164x226px | Anne_2.JPG]] …

  • King Percivale I


    *Percivale Evandale, 13th and finale King of the United Kingdom* (January 30, 1300 - June 21, 1350), male Human. King Percivale I lived to the age of 50 and reign as Prince Regent for 22 years and as king for 20 years. [[File:456397 | class= …

  • Events surrounding the Battle of Blue Water


    First Elvin civil war was in 1013 and all members of the family had some place in the battle. Treblhar Shieldarm was Grand General of the army, but was killed defeating a epic level earth elemental during the Battle of the Blue Water. Kalnius …

  • Elven Diaspora


    The elves fled Alysia starting in 1136 when the Diaspora was proclaimed. In the mountains behind the Shieldarm estate more than 50,000 elves were hidden, with some moving to Hy-brazil, and Polynesia. Unknown to most the Diaspora and scattering had …

  • Battle of Blue Water


    The year was 1018. It was five years into the First Alysian Civil War and the Shieldarm family played a very important role in the Battle of Blue Water. Treblhar Shieldarm was Grand General of the army, but was killed defeating a primal earth …

  • Nation States


    _*Nation States of Alysia Rising*_


    _*Nation States of the Continent of Alysia*_ * Duchy of Menzothia * Castile * Caracus * Dwarven Hold of Thoringaard * East Frizia * Free Holders of the Winterland Isles * Geatland * Genoa * …

  • Sun and the Three Moons


    _*The Greater and Lesser Lights*_


    *Helios* - the great light giver, the revealer of truth, Phos' gift.[[File:457902 | class=media-item-align-right | 220x133px | Helios.jpeg]] Helios is the mark of day, the greater light on the world …

  • Dewey


    An excerpt from, "Remembrances of the Last Days of Avalon" by Adrian Pascal.

    I was sitting in the Chancellor's Office at the University of Avalon after a long day of teaching. [[File:458337 | class=media-item-align-right | 345x207px | …

  • Odessè Warin

    h4. [[File:460843 | class=media-item-align-left | 202x184px | Odessa.jpg]]

    Odessè Warin is the dark haired Sylvan Elf who is the chief bartender at the Dragon Inn in Sweethome. He a stands 5' 7" and weighs 138 lbs. and is ready with a mischievous and …

  • Bridge House

    h5. [[File:460903 | class=media-item-align-left | 250x150px | Aslyn_Bridge.jpg]]

    The Bridge House Tavern is a new tavern located on the infamous Aslyn bridge. It has quickly gained a reputation for excellent entertainment and is quickly becoming one …

  • John Blaine

    h4. [[File:460944 | class=media-item-align-left | John_Blaine_1.jpg]]

    John Blaine is the distinguished looking young Chief Manager and Maître d' of the [[Bridge House | Bridge House]] tavern located on [[Aslyn Bridge]] in Aedramir. He is 5' 9" and 155 …

  • Major Villains


    _*Villains of the World of Alysia*_


    *Villains of Myth and Legend*

    * [[Asmodius]] -- Deposed ruler of the Hells * [[Daegon]] -- Arch-Duke and Master of the Hells * [[Mab]] -- Faerie Queen of the Unseelie Court * [[Oberon]] -- …

  • Figures of Myth and Legend


    _*Mythical and Legendary Figures of the World of Alysia*_


    *Supernatural Figures of Myth and Legend*

    * [[Asmodius]] -- Male Devil, Deposed ruler of the Hells * [[Daegon]] -- Male Devil, Arch-Duke and Master of the Hells * [[ …

  • Major Antagonists and Allies


    _*Natural and Preternatural Figures of the World of Alysia*_


    *Natural and Preternatural Allies, Villains, Leaders, and Associates*

    * [[Adric Sylvanus]] -- Male Sylvan Elf, Regent of the Sylvan Kingdom, current husband of [[: …

  • Astoria LeFluer

    [[File:452072 | class=media-item-align-left | Twins_2.jpg]] Astoria is on the right and Lolvi on the left.

  • Minor Antagonists and Allies


    *Minor Allies, Antagonists, and Associates by Name*

    * [[Draveed "Raj" al'Nasser | Draveed "Raj" al'Nasser]] * [[Maelyn Applegate]] * [[Serena Barone]] * [[Elias Becker]] * [[John Blaine]] * [[Ghazi Malik Dodai]] * [[Isabel "Raven" du …

  • Maelyn Applegate

    h4. [[File:463721 | class=media-item-align-left | 212x319px | Maelyn_1.jpg]]

    Maelyn Applegate is becoming a "person of interest" in the Aedramir social scene these days. She is the senior barmaid at [[Bunch of Grapes]] tavern on King's street in …

  • Bunch of Grapes

    h5. [[File:463727 | class=media-item-align-right | 475x322px | Bunch_of_Grapes.jpg]]

    The Bunch of Grapes Tavern is one of the oldest taverns in the central dock area of Aedramir. With its central location it is a wonderful place to catch a bit to eat …

  • Noble Titles and Peerage Rules


    _*Noble Titles and Peerage Rules by Kingdom*_

    * [[Dwarven Kingdom]] -- Includes all Dwarven Kingdoms * [[Elven Kingdom]] -- Includes the Sylvan and United Kingdoms * Goblin Lords -- Standard from most Goblinoid Nations * Human Kingdoms of …

  • Elven Kingdom


    _*Elven Kingdom Peerage Rules*_


    These are the peerage rules for the Elven Kingdom and it's successors realms (Sylvan Kingdom & United Kingdom). In the Elven Kingdom unlike in Dwarven Kingdom peerage, females are accorded near equal …

  • Dwarven Kingdom


    _*Dwarven Kingdom Peerage Rules*_


    These are the peerage rules for all Dwaven Kingdoms. In the Dwaven Kingdom unlike in the Elven peerage, females are not accorded near equal status to that of their male counterparts. Females may …

  • Dwarven Millennial War


    _*Dwarven Millennial War* also known as the Dwarven Succession Wars and the Dwarven Axe Wars_

    [[File:467084 | class=media-item-align-left | 390x291px | Fair_Glades.jpg]]The Dwarven Millennial War started on March 21, 0000 when King Durin …

  • Puck

    h4. [[File:465694 | class=media-item-align-left | 239x240px | Puck.jpg]]

    Puck is a Northern Alysian Beaver that makes his home at the mouth of the King's Valley in the region of Alysia. He and his family have taken up residence near beaver dam at the …

  • Members of the Curia Alysia


    _*Voting Members of the Curia Alysia*_

    * [[Jon la Fleche]], Count of Innspa * [[Phillip la Blanc]], Viscount of Trimont * [[Marten LeFleur]], Duke of Aedun -- eldest son of [[:xander | Xander LeFleur]] * [[Charles Maret]], Baron of …

  • Azure Knight's in Hell


    An excerpt from, “The Third Book of Hezerat ali Bashad -- Bard of the Third Age” by Emperor Hezerat I of the Cillician Empire.

    The next event comes by way of [[Asmodius]] I, former Arch-Duke of the Hells. This account was about his …

  • Sailor's Sprawl


    The Sailor's Sprawl Tavern (pictured to the right) is one of the mainstays [[File:470694 | class=media-item-align-right | 280x225px | Sailor_s_Sprawl_1.JPG]]of the central dock area of [[Aedramir | Aedramir]]. With its closeness to the central …

  • King Peter I


    *Peter Evandale, 2nd King of the United Kingdom* (October 31, 995 - December 4, 1131), Male Human. King Peter I lived to the age of 136, and exceptional age for a human. [[File:470697 | class=media-item-align-right | 300x192px | Peter_I.JPG]] …

  • Renée Stronghammer

    h4. [[File:470704 | class=media-item-align-left | 187x250px | Rene.jpg]]

    Renée Stronghammer (née Westerville) is the striking redhead who is serving as the Senior Waitress at the [[Sailor's Sprawl | Sailor's Sprawl]] in [[Aedramir | Aedramir]] under …

  • Two Criterion Constellations


    _*The Two Criterion Constellations*_


    The *Criterion Constellations* are the two constellations which most closely line up with Alysia's northern and southern poles. These constellations have been extremely important to navigation be …

  • The rise of the Lich King

    I rein in and spoke to my warhorse as he prance in the fore of the line eager to charge. My brothers and I that number a mounted troop of 400 human and elven knights facing a sea of humans, orcs, and goblin foot soldiers. I feel fear and excitement war …

  • Dragon Inn

    Alariste's White Dragon Scale Amour hangs on the wall of this famous wateringhole, good beer, good food, and nice rooms. Locate in the town of Sweet Home, in the Vale.

  • Dwarven Alysian War


    _*Kings, Nobles, and Generals of the Dwarven Alysian War*_


    *Elven Leaders and Allies*

    * [[:kalnius | Kalnius Shieldarm]], General of the Alysian Alliance/ Marquis of the South -- Alysian Alliance/Sylvan Kingdom * [[:guillaume | …

  • A Pistol for Dumas


    An excerpt from, "Memoirs of a Musketeer" by [[:dumas | Dumas Boulanger de Gateau]].


    *_A Pistol for Dumas_*

    We rapidly approached the Dwarven Pirate ship (all Dwarven ships are pirate ships) coming in with the wind …

  • Vigilant Watch

    h5. [[File:660854 | class=media-item-align-right | 414x330px | Saule_Tavern.JPG]]

    The Vigilant Watch is a new tavern in the center of the rapidly growing downtown area of [[Saule]]. With its prime location near the Clearwater river and close to the …

  • Saule


    Saule is located in Willowood forest in the eastern part of the province of Alysia and is the new capital of the United Kingdom. This rapidly growing city was rebuilt on the site of the original town of Willowood. Its current population is …

  • Jax of Pamplona


    *Jax of Pamplona* [Male Human] -- (born March 28, 1382 in the city of [[Pamplona]] in the province of [[Ostrovald]]) _as of March 1, 1407_ [[File:880905 | class=media-item-align-right | 300x450px | Jax_of_Pamplona.jpg]]

    _*Vital Statistics*_ …

  • Ensil Lorenz


    *Ensil Lorenz* [Male Sylvan Elf] -- (born April 12, 977 in the city of [[Entarra]] in the province of [[Innspa]]) _as of March 1, 1407_ [[File:880985 | class=media-item-align-right | 450x450px | Ensil_Lorenz__2_.jfif]]

    _*Vital Statistics*_ …

  • Leo Gotha


    *Leo Gotha* [Male Human] -- (born November 24, 1381 in the city of Port Augusta in the province of Provincial Arcadia, died February 28, 1407 at Camp Leslie near the city of Rhinehold in the province of Reichvald) _as of March 1, 1407_ [[File: …

  • B3A


    *B3A* -- stands for "Before the 3rd Age" and is used to indicate the number of age prior to the beginning of the third age. Years are counted down toward 0 which is the year the third age began.

  • Azure One


    _*Azure One*_ is the designation for the most senior Azure Guardsman who is in charge of clandestine operations for the United Kingdom. It is a title that passes from one guardsman to another. The position is infamous with the other clandestine …

  • Julius Montebanc

    h5. [[File:884505 | class=media-item-align-right | 398x481px | Julius_Montebanc_2.jpg]]

    *Julius Montebanc* [Male Dark Elf] -- (born May 14, 729 in the city of Menzothia in the province of Menzothia) _as of March 1, 1407_

    _*Vital Statistics*_

  • Harbor Palace Hotel


    Harbor Palace Hotel is one of the cultural icons of the ancient city of Aqaba. [[File:884511 | class=media-item-align-left | 400x250px | Harbor_Palace_Hotel_2.jpg]]With its magnificent view of the harbor and bay beyond, this 5 star hotel has …

  • University l'Aedra


    This 'students-first' philosophy is a big reason why the University l’Aedra is one of the top magical and mundane research universities in the world of Parth. We work hard to ensure a low student-to-faculty ratio that promotes plenty of personal …

  • Basilfisk

    h5. [[File:886941 | class=media-item-align-right | 424x504px | Viking-Axe__2_.jpg]]

    *Basilfisk of Pellis* [Male Mountain Giant] -- (born January 30, 1390 in the city of Pellis in the region known as Riesen) _as of March 1, 1407_

    _*Vital …

  • Reasons for this game and setting


    _*Alysia Rising*_


    Alysia Rising is an OGL (3.5) high fantasy game of my own creation. [[File:887183 | class=media-item-align-right | 320x240px | Road.jpg]]This campaign is set in the world of Parth. A universe where the elves have …

  • Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Azure Griffon


    Order's Status -- Reformed in 1401[[File:901405 | class=media-item-align-right | 441x295px | The-Three-Musketeers.jpg]]


    A Knightly order who serve as both the secret service and special forces to the king and his family. In a time of …

  • Azure Knights


    *Azure Knights* -- listed below is the current roster of active Azure Knights as of March 1, 1407.

    |*Level*|*Name*|*Rank*|*Area(s) of Expertise*| |*A13*|*[[:simon | Simon du Monte]]*|Knight Marshal|Archer| ||||| |*A12*|*[[:jazira | Jazira …

  • Azure Auxiliary

    Members: |*Level*|*Name*|*Area(s) of Expertise*| |*A0*|*[[:gwaedhon | Gwaedhon]]*|Magus| |*A0*|*[[:maud | Maud Fionan]]*|Priest| |*A0*|*[[:marrathon | Marrathon Dustfoot]]*|Scout| |*A0*|*[[:taura | Taura]]*|Warrior| |*A0*|*[[Maelyn Applegate | …

  • Notable Retired Azure Knights

    |*Name*|*Area(s) of Expertise*| |*[[:alariste | Alariste Shieldarm]]*|Master-at-Arms| |*[[:edros | Edros Roharim]]*|Scout, Cavalryman, & Blademaster| |*[[:guillaume | Guillaume Navarre]]*|Strategist & Magus| |*[[:godfrey | Godfrey Durin-Dain]]*| …

  • Azure Guard


    *Azure Guards* -- listed below is the current roster of active Azure Guardsmen as of March 1, 1407.

    |*Level*|*Name*|*Rank*|*Area(s) of Expertise*| |*A4*|*Conrad Kohrs*|Guard Sergeant|Warrior| ||||| |*A3*|*Padrig Drig Roharim*|Guard …

  • Azure Fleet


    The Azure Fleet (also known of the Royal Alysian Navy or Alysian Navy) are the naval forces in service to the crown of the United Kingdom. Fleet headquarters and command for the western Azure Fleet are located in the city of Portsmouth on Faulkers …

  • Sarducci

    h3. Family's Statues -- Active |*Members*|*Position*| | [[Ramone Sarducci]] {Male Hill Dwarf}|-| Holdings * [[Southern Docks Pawn]] -- [[Ramone Sarducci]]'s pawn shop * [[Sarducci Safe House]] -- Second story apartment which adjoins the Rogue's …

  • The University l'Aedra

    Arcane Practitioner Classifications The Dabbler – User of 2nd level spells or less The Magus Minor – User of 3rd or 4th level spell The Magus Lesser – User of 5th or 6th level spell Instated Magus – User of 7th or 8th level spell Master Magus – User …

  • Order of the Lili

    The Order of the Lili is a decoration awarded by the Royal family to those who provide service far beyond the call of the realm. The original recipient of this prestigious award protected the [[:lili | Queen Lilianne Evandale]] during her exile on the …

  • Maudlin Order

    Founded in Willow Wood during the Dwarven War to be The People's Fist[[File:910537 | class=media-item-align-none | church.jpg]]

  • HE


    *HE* -- stands for "Human Equivalent Age" and is used to indicate the actual age of a person of non-human descent in terms of human age (i.e. a Mountain Dwarf might be 190 years old but have a Human Equivalent Age of 38 meaning to the eyes of the …

  • Poi -- Persons of Interest


    *Poi* -- stands for "Persons of Interest" and is used to indicate a person or creature who interacts with the main characters of the story. Poi's are divided into categories by social standing when possible. Unusual, Mythical, Preternatural, and …

  • Persons of Interest


    _*Persons of Interest*_

    |*A*||*M*| |*[[:aialla | Aialla Shadowstorm]]*||*[[Maelyn Applegate | Maelyn Applegate]]*| |*[[:akmed | Akmed al'Jafar]]*||*[[:malric | Malric Haventon]]*| |*[[:alariste | Alariste Shieldarm]]*||*[[:marrathon | …

  • Aliases

    h3. *Artemis* [[Aedramir | Aedramir]] * Turkamon "Turk" Dernière Attente -- Merchant Proprietor of the Watchmen Haven & the Dockside Boarding House * Declan Soucrem -- Entertianer/Fence/Wealthy * Kouri -- Enforcer/Professional * Izzy Fairimen -- …

  • Story Player Characters

    [[:edros | Edros Roharim]] [[:eshan-baj | Eshan Baj]] [[:godfrey | Godfrey Durin-Dain]] [[:gorm | Gorm Thunderguts]] [[:guillaume | Guillaume Navarre]] [[:jaimi | Jai'mi Berylium]] [[:taiglin | Taiglin Beryllium]] [[:xander | Xander LeFleur]] Garn …

  • PA


    *PA* -- stands for “Physical Age” and is used to indicate the apparent physical age of a person in terms of human age. Sometimes a character might have been able to slow his aging so that he does not look as old as he actually is.

  • Nobles of the United Kingdom


    _*Provincial Alysia*_

    * *[[:phildrin-bloodrose | Phildrin Bloodrose]]* -- Viscount of Clearwater * *Elizabeth Bathory* -- Baroness of Bathory * *[[:sonya | Sonya Ironhand]]* -- Baron of the Iron Hills * *[[:marrathon | Marrathon DustFoot …

  • EL


    *EL* -- stands for “Effective Level” and is used to indicate that a character is being granted effective levels for purposes of calculating class abilities, class features, and/or spell-casting ability. These effective levels are most often …

  • Sarai Ammishaddai


    [[File:893370 | class=media-item-align-right | 400x467px | Sarai__2_.jpg]]*Sarai Ammishaddai* [[[Dark Elf|Female Dark Elf]]] -- (born August 5, 797 in the city of Lothira in the province of Lothira)

    _*Vital Statistics*_

    |Height: 5' 3"| …

  • Bishop Aden


    The Bishop Aden, *[[:slim|Commodore Stronghammer]]*'s flagship, is named for the Commodore's long time nemesis, Matthew Aden, Bishop of the Alysian Orthodox Church who passed away saving his wife from invading orcish forces in the town of Mishra.

  • Officers

    |*Name* *[ _sex / race_ ]*|*Class(es)*|*Rank*| |[[Katelyne Reinhardt]] [_Female Sylivian Elf_]|Warrior|Captain| |Rosalie Chapelle [_Female High Elf_]|Water Elementalist|1st. Mate| |Fulke Shevington [_Male Human_]|Physician|Physician| |Grumio …

  • Widow-Maker

    The Widow-Maker know for her long gun chasers and Sharp shooter Marines. She sails slower then Bishop Aden or Fey Glider due to her heavier guns. * *[[Officers of the Widow Maker]]* * *[[Crew Leads]]* * *[[Crew of the Widow Maker]]*

  • Crew Leads

    |*Name* *[ _sex / race_ ]*|*Class(es)*|*Position*|*Unit*| |Sean Harewell [_Male Human_]|Veteran|Marine|Raiders| |Samlet Shone [_Male Plains Elf_]|Archer|Marines Sgt.|Marauders| |Sayer Grenefeld [_Male Human_]|Veteran|Marines Sgt.|Reavers| |Tecwyn …

  • Dwarves


    [[File:893917 | class=media-item-align-left | 422x252px | Dwarves__2_.jpg]]*Dwarves* are one of the oldest races known to Parth. Their history dates all the way back to the early days of the Parthian Age. Their wars with the Parthians are the …

  • Grey Dwarf


    [[File:893918 | class=media-item-align-left | 358x400px | Grey_Dwarf.jpeg]]Of all the sub-races of dwarves, Grey Dwarves are the least common. In ancient times, Grey Dwarves were known as the rock dwellers or stone lurkers. They were known for …

  • Hill Dwarf


    [[File:893920 | class=media-item-align-left | 300x450px | Hill_Dwarf.jpg]]Hill Dwarves are the most common of all the dwarven sub-races. This stubborn folk is by far the most numerous sub-race of the dwarves, greatly outnumbering the other two …

  • Mountain Dwarf


    [[File:893921 | class=media-item-align-left | 452x324px | Mountain_Dwarf__2_.jpg]]Mountain Dwarves are the greatest and most noble of all the Dwarven sub-races. Though fewer in number than the other Dwarven sub-races, dwarven clans usually have …

  • Elves


    [[File:894041 | class=media-item-align-left | 365x354px | Group_of_Elves__3_.jpg]]Apart from the original Parthians themselves, the Elves are believed to be the oldest race on the world of Parth. Their existence dates to the beginning of recorded …

  • Dark Elf


    [[File:894043 | class=media-item-align-left | 356x448px | Dark_Elf_2.jpg]]Dark Elves are one of the most unusual of all the Elven sub-races. Unlike most elves, Dark Elves by in large prefer to live in underground areas. In ancient times the …

  • Grey Elf


    [[File:894074 | class=media-item-align-left | 408x374px | Grey_Elf_2.jpg]]Grey Elves are the Elven sub-race from which the kings, high nobles, and high priest of ancient times sprang. Only in modern times have there been high priests and elven …

  • High Elf


    [[File:884521 | class=media-item-align-left | 324x488px | Jaena.jpg]]High Elves are the most numerous of all the Elven sub-races and represent the Elven middle class. In ancient times, High Elves were the foot soldiers and primary workforce of …

  • Plains Elf


    [[File:898130 | class=media-item-align-left | 450x300px | Plains_Elf.jpg]]Plains Elves are one of the least populace of the common Elven sub-races. In ancient times, Plains Elves were the gardeners and vinedressers for the Parthian and as such …

  • Sand Elf


    [[File:894341 | class=media-item-align-left | 379x565px | Sand_Elf_Female_2.jpg]]Sand Elves are the most eccentric of all the common Elven sub-races. Preferring to live in desert settings rather than more traditional sylvan settings, Sand Elves …

  • Sylvan Elf


    [[File:895201 | class=media-item-align-left | 466x447px | Wood_Elf_Archer__2_.jpg]]As one of the more numerous sub-races of elves, the Sylvan Elves appear as the more traditional woodlands dwelling elves. In ancient times, Sylvan Elves were part …

  • Wood Elf


    [[File:898141 | class=media-item-align-left | 450x450px | Jillian_Alt.jpg]]Wood Elves are the lowest cast of all the elven sub-races. In ancient times, they did the menial labor for their Parthian overlords. Of all the elves, Wood Elves are the …

  • Gnolls


    [[File:894218 | class=media-item-align-left | 426x172px | Gnolls_Group.jpg]]The history of Gnolls dates to the First Elven Age though they are mentioned in passing in some of the writing from the late Parthian era. During the First Age Gnolls …

  • Anubian Gnoll


    Anubian Gnolls or Runner Gnolls as they are more commonly referred to, are very tall, thin, dog-like bipedal creatures. They are known for their exceptional archery and for both their great speed and ability to run great distances without tiring. …

  • Syrian Gnoll


    Syrian Gnolls are large, tall dog-like bipedal creatures with great strength and stamina. In the First Elven Age, Syrian Gnolls were used as the foot soldiers for the Anatolian Empire, one of the greatest empires of the First Elven Age. They were …

  • Watchmen

    h3. Order's Statues -- Inactive Members: [[:slim | Slim]] [[:marrathon | Marrathon]] [[:jaimi | Jai'mi]] [[:maud | Maud]] Kabuul [[:ozmondi | Zee]] [[:mychael | Micheal]] [[:sampson | Sampson]] [[:simon | Simon]] [[Renée Stronghammer | Renée …

  • Gnomes


    [[File:894820 | class=media-item-align-left | 206x362px | Gnome_2.jpg]]The first mention of Gnomes in the histories is from the First Elven Age. Gnomes were thought to be a smaller, thinner dwarflike people of two subtypes which they named …

  • Gnome


    [[File:894823 | class=media-item-align-left | 288x489px | Gnome__2_.png]]Gnomes in general prefer to inhabit coastlines or inland underground environs near large sources of water. They are considered to be one of the most esoteric races in the …

  • Hobgoblin


    [[File:894839 | class=media-item-align-left | 299x622px | Hobgoblin.jpg]]Hobgoblins are the most legalistic groups on Parth. They are very militaristic and warlike group with a very strong ethic for fallowing all the rules and laws of their …

  • Goblinkind


    [[File:894846 | class=media-item-align-left | 450x319px | Goblinkind.jpg]]The first mention of Goblinkind in the histories is from the end of the Parthian Age. Goblinkind were mention as treacherous human minions who withdrew from the fighting …

  • Goblin


    [[File:894837 | class=media-item-align-left | 450x329px | Goblins.jpg]]Goblins are a very intelligent folk and though you would not know it when looking at them they are quite charismatic. They are known for using this charisma to its fullest …

  • Bugbear


    [[File:893362 | class=media-item-align-left | 422x400px | Bugbear.jpg]]Bugbears are not a particularly intelligent nor are they gifted with great wisdom. However, Bugbears are large, fearsome, incredibly graceful predators with great strength and …

  • Halflings


    [[File:895911 | class=media-item-align-left | 527x452px | Halflings__2_.jpg]]Though there are only vague references to the little folk in the Parthian era, it is believed that existed even in the early days of the Parthian Age. The first …

  • Halfling


    [[File:895916 | class=media-item-align-left | 371x396px | Pippen.jpg]]Halflings prefer to mind their own business and farm their land. They are exception at growing things and are consummate farmers and gardeners. They tend to inhabit hill …

  • Crew Chiefs

    |*Name* *[ _sex / race_ ]*|*Class(es)*|*Position*|*Unit*| |Vayu Divekar [_Female Hobgoblin_]|Veteran|Marines Lt.|The Nightmares| |Tia Carro [_Half Plains Elf_]|Archer|Marines Sgt.|The Half Bloods| |Fiona Hecher [_Female Syivian Elf_]|Veteran|Marines …

  • Crew

    |*Name* *[ _sex / race_ ]*|*Class(es)*|*Position*|*Unit*| |Tobie [_Male High Elf_]|Warrior|Marines|The Red Demons| |Pucrew [_Male Half-Orc_]|Warrior|Marines|| |Marcel [_Male Sylivian Elf_]|Swashbuckler|Marines|| |Pandu [_Male Half-Goblin_]|Archer| …

  • Fey Glider

    * [[Officers]] * [[Crew Chiefs]] * [[Crew on the Fey Glider]]

  • Alysian Marshal Service

    Tasked with law enforcement in the Alysian Alliance. They help organize the militia and keep law and order on a "Federal" level. They support their local sheriffs. Each rank of service is required to go to school to learn law, investigation techniques …

  • Deceased Allies


    Listed below are allied Persons of Interest who have died over the course of the story.


    _*Notable Noble Persons of Interest who have passed*_

    * _*[[:dante | Dante l'Umbria]]*_ -- Arch-Duke of New Umbria died on June 15, 1405. He …

  • Deceased Enemies


    Listed below were enemy Persons of Interest who have died over the course of the story.


    _*Notable Enemy Noble Persons of Interest who have passed*_

    * _*[[Basilfisk | Basilfisk]]*_ -- Lord Ranger of Pellis died on March 7, 1407. …

  • Officers on the Bishop Aden

    |*Name* *[ _sex / race_ ]*|*Class(es)*|*Rank*| |Ephraim (Eph) Lanman [_Male Coastal Plains Elf_]|Sea Shaman|1st. Mate| |Regomd "Doc" Monie [_Male Human_]|Physician|Physician| |Fridolin Sardou [_Male High Elf_]|Sailing Expert|Boatswain| |Beyorn …

  • Crew Chiefs on the Bishop Aden

    |*Name* *[ _sex / race_ ]*|*Class(es)*|*Position*|*Unit*| |Shan Coleman [_Male Human_]|Veteran |Marines 1st Lt.|The Red Demons| |Rishu Haradas [_Male Hobgoblin_]|Veteran|Marines |The Grindstones| |Nicholaus Notyngham [_Male Human_]|Veteran|Marines Sgt …

  • Crew on the Bishop Aden

    |*Name* *[ _sex / race_ ]*|*Class(es)*|*Position*|*Unit*| |Tobie [_Male High Elf_]|Warrior|Marines|The Red Demons| |Pucrew [_Male Half Orc_]|Warrior|Marines|| |Marcel [_Male Sylivian Elf_] |Swashbuckler|Marines|| |Pandu [_Male Half Goblin_]|Archer| …

  • Crew on the Fey Glider

    |*Name* *[ _sex / race_ ]*|*Class(es)*|*Position*|*Unit*| |Elimena [_Female Dark Elf_]|Warrior|Marines|The Nightmares| |Blakely [_Female Human_]|Warrior|Marines|| |Yad [_Female Goblin_]|Swashbuckler|Marines|| |Treaz Renttine [_Female Anubian Gnoll_]| …

  • Officers of the Widow Maker

    |*Name* *[ _sex / race_ ]*|*Class(es)*|*Rank*| |[[Morice Briggs]] [_Male Human_]|Swashbuckler|Captain| |Kerwin Cadwalader [_Male Plains Elf_]|Paladin|1st. Mate| |Mitchel Rondel [_Male Human_]|Cleric|Physician| |Erlan Zinro [_Male Wood Elf_]|Sailing …

  • Crew of the Widow Maker

    |*Name* *[ _sex / race_ ]*|*Class(es)*|*Position*|*Unit*| |Sarin [_Female High Elf_]|Warrior|Marine Seal|Raiders| |Garn [_Male Sirian Gnoll_]|Barbarian|Marine Seal|| |Jorn [_Male Human_]|Thug|Marine Seal|| |Maifes [_Male Wood Elf_]|Archer|Marine Seal …

  • Stedmen of Rhinehold


    [[File:897510 | class=media-item-align-right | 454x270px | Dawg_Brown.png]]*Stedmen of Rhinehold* [ _Male Human_ ] -- (born June 24, 1363 in the city of Rhinehold in the province of Reichsvald) _as of March 1, 1407_

    _*Vital Statistics*_ …

  • Humans


    [[File:898122 | class=media-item-align-left | 435x325px | Gladiator_2.jpg]]Humans have existed as far back as there are records. They perhaps even predate Elves. There seems to have always been humans who walked Parth. In some of the ancient …

  • Human


    [[File:898124 | class=media-item-align-left | 387x596px | Gladiator.jpg]]Humans do not have a single region they prefer to inhabit. They willingly live anywhere from frozen tundra to the tropically forests to desert wastelands. They are a …

  • Kobolds


    [[File:882903 | class=media-item-align-left | 374x414px | Terquail.png]]Kobolds date back to the early Parthian era. Kobolds were used by the Parthians to fight in underground settings. Kobolds have always claimed to be the direct descendants of …

  • Kobold


    [[File:898133 | class=media-item-align-left | 420x418px | Kobold.jpg]]Kobolds as a race seem to prefer to inhabit mountainous regions or underground environs in remote and unpopulated areas. They have strong visual acuity as well as an acute …

  • Ogres


    [[File:898150 | class=media-item-align-left | 457x304px | Ogres.jpg]]From the beginning of recorded history there have always been Ogres. In the Parthian Age they were the major rival nation of the sons of Parth. Sense that time Ogres have never …

  • Ogre


    [[File:898157 | class=media-item-align-left | 554x378px | Ogre_3.jpg]]Ogres as a race prefer to inhabit mountains and colder regions and have been known to work with Giants on occasion though they dislike doing so. Ogres have an unusual …

  • Ships of the Black Fleet


    _*Black Fleet - Royal Alysian Navy*_


    A list of ships belonging to the Black Fleet - Royal Alysian Navy -- *[[:slim | Commodore Artemis Stronghammer]]* commanding.

    |_*Ship*_|_*Class*_|_*Type*_|_*Captain*_|_*Complement*_|_* …

  • Other Deceased


    Listed below are other Persons of Interest who were neither an ally nor an enemy (or in some rare cases were both an ally and an enemy) who have died during the course of the story.


    _*Notable Noble Persons of Interest who have passed* …

  • Katelyne Reinhardt

    [[File:898495 | class=media-item-align-none | 400x200px | Fey_Glider_Captian.png]]

  • Morice Briggs

    [[File:898498 | class=media-item-align-none | Gibbs_Headshot.jpg]]

  • Ships of the First Fleet


    _*First Fleet - Royal Alysian Navy*_


    A list of ships belonging to the First Fleet - Royal Alysian Navy -- *Bartholomew Roberts* commanding.

    |_*Ship*_|_*Class*_|_*Type*_|_*Captain*_|_*Complement*_|_*Armament*_|_*Notes*_| |* …

  • Ships of the Eastern Fleet


    _*Eastern Fleet - Royal Alysian Navy*_


    A list of ships belonging to the Eastern Fleet - Royal Alysian Navy -- *Commodore Matthew Decker* commanding.

    |_*Ship*_|_*Class*_|_*Type*_|_*Captain*_|_*Complement*_|_*Armament*_|_*Notes*_ …

  • Ships of the Western Fleet


    _*Western Fleet - Royal Alysian Navy*_


    A list of ships belonging to the Western Fleet - Royal Alysian Navy -- *Commodore Isaac Seyburn* commanding.

    |_*Ship*_|_*Class*_|_*Type*_|_*Captain*_|_*Complement*_|_*Armament*_|_*Notes*_| …

  • Lost Valley


    Listed below are the main player characters who participated in the long running Advanced Dungeon and Dragons game.

    * _*Severen du Plessi*_ [ _Male Half Grey Elf_ ] -- Infamous fallen cleric of Corellon Larethian * _*[[Odessè Warin|Odessè …

  • Python

    |*Name* *[ _sex / race_ ]*|*Class(es)*|*Position*|*Unit*|*Usual Commission*| |Miniri Blackmane [_Female Human_]|Swashbuckler|Acting Captain||| |Wilfried Sundermann [_Male Sylvian_]|Sailing Expert|Acting Boatswain|Eagles|Widow-Maker| |Alwin [_Male …

  • Royal Azure Navy


    *RAN* -- stands for the “Royal Alysian Navy” or the Azure Fleet. It is the official designation for ships of the United Kingdom navy. The common name for the Royal Alysian Navy is the Azure Fleet.

  • A Grandmothers View

    My grandson has lost his mind. Last month (September of 916) he invited King Peter and Queen Lilly Evendale to stay at the Shieldarm Estate at Lyon while the new manor house for them was being built in the new capital of Aedromir. Then he mentioned that …

  • Gorgon

    An alias for [[:slim | Artemis]] on the continent of Ionia. [[File:910567 | class=media-item-align-center | 483x320px | Castle_in_the_woods-Gorgon.jpg]]

  • Lilianne "Lili" Evandale

    h5. *Queen Dowager Lilianne (Lili)* is the youngest daughter of Aslyn I and Anne of Aquitaine. She became the second queen to reign in the United Kingdom upon the death of her father. Shortly before her ascension to the thrown, she was wed to Peter …

  • Phildrin Bloodrose

    Phildrin is figuring out how to make his way in the big city of [[Aedrimir | Aedrimir]]. He has made a few less-than-savory contacts in town and is connected to a new establishment called The Bridge House. He's reluctantly beginning to appreciate the …

  • Dumas Boulanger de Gateau

    p. My name is Dumas Boulanger de Gateau. I am of the family that makes Lembas bread some of the best in the all of Alysia. I really did not like baking or any of the many processes that go with it. So as a youth I would always sneak away to do other …

  • Anastasia Navarre


    *Anastasia Onnisius Navarre Sylvanus, Queen Mother of the Sylvan Kingdom* (née l'Aedra, born July 10, 703).

    Anastasia is an extraordinarily skilled dancer as well as being a very gifted and powerful sorceress. She is the second daughter …

  • Tam Sotto

    BACKGROUND Tam was born into the Sotto family, a minor human noble house specializing in weapons manufacture, generally alchemical. Having no hope of inheriting, but still closely related enough to have no money problems, Tam joined a monastary where he …

  • Jazira al'Nuaim Zahranii


    Jazira is of remarkably cheerful disposition have been raised in the dangerous political climate of the Sultanate. She is inclined to see the good in people in most cases, but should she see you as someone as less than honorable you are likely to …

  • Taiglin Beryllium

    The Beryllium family traces its ancestry from Lady Beryl, a formidable mage who laid the framework of the teleportation network of Allysium. They were a powerful, well respected family until Taiglin's grandfather Moloch led an uprising against the king. …

  • Gorm Thunderguts

    Gorm was the leader of a large tribe of ogres, the Thunderguts. They lived in the usual ogre way: peacefully raiding their neighbors and making off with their livestock and goods. Then the next season the neighbors would raid the Thunderguts and try to …

  • Tearrland Machiavelli

    His father holds a lordship title from land ownership, not nobility. Alexandria his mother was blinded in an attack from a feuding families. The attack its self was not to kill or harm his family but to put the family back financially but in the …

  • Maud Fionan

    Maud was born in the small of Petra to Richard and Clarissa. Her parents were local merchants and were training their only child to take over the family business. As she grew she became fascinated by the teachings of monks in their local church. Founder …

  • Krondoc Platestone


    Krondoc Platestone, Free Knight currently in the service of the Army of Northern Alysia [[File:880887 | class=media-item-align-right | 356x264px | Rhinox_Mount.jpg]]has recently come to the United Kingdom under mysterious circumstances. His mount …

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