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  • Elven Diaspora


    The elves fled Alysia starting in 1136 when the Diaspora was proclaimed. In the mountains behind the Shieldarm estate more than 50,000 elves were hidden, with some moving to Hy-brazil, and Polynesia. Unknown to most the Diaspora and scattering had …

  • Sailor's Sprawl


    The Sailor's Sprawl Tavern (pictured to the right) is one of the mainstays [[File:470694 | class=media-item-align-right | 280x225px | Sailor_s_Sprawl_1.JPG]]of the central dock area of [[Aedramir | Aedramir]]. With its closeness to the central …

  • The rise of the Lich King

    I rein in and spoke to my warhorse as he prance in the fore of the line eager to charge. My brothers and I that number a mounted troop of 400 human and elven knights facing a sea of humans, orcs, and goblin foot soldiers. I feel fear and excitement war …

  • Dragon Inn

    Alariste's White Dragon Scale Amour hangs on the wall of this famous wateringhole, good beer, good food, and nice rooms. Locate in the town of Sweet Home, in the Vale.

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