Xander LeFleur

Xander LeFleur, Duke of Aedun (UK), Marquis of Seven Sisters (UK), Azure Knight


Xander LeFleur, Azure Knight, Duke of Aedun (UK), Marquis of Seven Sisters (UK) (born April 19, 743 at the LeFleur Estate in the province of Aedun, Elven Kingdom), the third son of Duke Etienne & Lady Andrastea LeFluer.

Vital Statistics

Height: 5’ 9" Weight: 140 lbs.
Dark Brown Hair Blue Eyes
Age: 659 (HE: 47) {PE: 38} Right Handed

Religious Affiliation: Alysian Orthodox (Practicing)
Citizenship: Sylvan Kingdom (Lord)

Family – as of July 23, 1402

Father Etienne LeFluer [HIgh Elf] Age: 1056 (HE: 75)
Mother Andrastea LeFluer (née Craon) [Grey Elf] Age: 1051 (HE: 65)
Brother Ahrend LeFluer [Grey Elf] Age: 691 (HE: 43)
Brother Candide LeFluer [High Elf] Age: 679 (HE: 48)
Sister Jocasta LeFluer [High Elf] Age: 632 (HE: 45)
Sister Leda LeFluer [High Elf] Age: 620 (HE: 44)
Sister Ariadne LeFluer [Grey Elf] Age: 288 (HE: 18)
First Wife Calista LeFluer (née Firenza) [High Elf] (deceased)
Second Wife Rhea LeFluer (née Hyperion) [High Elf] (deceased)
Illegitimate Daughter (by ???) Rain LeFluer [Half High Elf] Age: ??? (HE: ??)
Illegitimate Son (by ???) Valor LeFluer [Half High Elf] Age: ??? (HE: ??)
Illegitimate Son (by ???) Cinnamon LeFluer [Half High Elf Age: ??? (HE: ??)
Son (by Calista LeFluer) Marten LeFluer [High Elf] Age: ??? (HE ??)
Daughter (by Calista LeFluer) Serafina LeFluer [High Elf] Age: ??? (HE: ??)
Son (by Rhea LeFluer) Trinity LeFluer [High Elf] Age: ??? (HE: ??)

Xander LeFluer,


Xander LeFleur

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