Taiglin Beryllium

Taiglin Beryllium


Wearing the black and silver of his house and sitting upon a fearsome nightmare named Asmodeus, Taiglin is an intimidating figure. His long golden hair still does not have a hint of grey and he is powerfully built for an elf. A snake rests itself across the saddle. This is his familiar Beelzebub. If he is seperated from Thalia he tends to leave Beelzebub in her care as it allows him to freely scry and talk to his wife.


The Beryllium family traces its ancestry from Lady Beryl, a formidable mage who laid the framework of the teleportation network of Allysium. They were a powerful, well respected family until Taiglin’s grandfather Moloch led an uprising against the king. This rebellion failed in a large part due to Taiglin’s father Gespin siding with the royalists. By the end of the war the only remaining members of the family were Gespin and his four sons, Augustin, Gespin II, Dominic and Taiglin. He groomed these four sons to dominate the field of endeavor he assigned them. Augustin was to help with the family buisness of running the teleportation portals. Gespin II was to enter the political arena and was sent as an assistant ambassador to the Drow Kingdom. Dominic’s task was to extend Beryllium influence to the academic venues. And Taiglin was sent to the church, hopefully to one day become the Pope or at least a Cardinal. Gespin’s plan soon began to unravel as Augustin was exposed as a mystic theurge of Loviatar when he had two twin daughters born of different mothers. Gespin II renounced magic and became a renowned duelist and Dominic was exposed to an astral storm and had to be committed to an insane asylum. With Taiglin the only viable option to inherit the family buisness, Gespin began to try to bring him out of the church. But Taiglin took his vows seriously and Gespin was reduced to asking the King to arrange that Taiglin would be offered the chance to be an Azure Guard. This would release him from his vows and after a few years of running around at the King’s behest, he would be free to lend a hand with the teleportation. Taiglin’s obsessive personality and penchant for pretending to be much eviler than he actually was finally crossed the line when he summoned a Death Slaad and had it provide a diversion while the Azure Knights gained entry to a castle. The diversion the slaad performed was the killing of the young dwarven prince and Taiglin was imprisoned for this crime. Only recently has he become free and retaken his position as head of the Beryllium family.

Married to Thalia
Adopted daughters: Lolvi and Asteria (Augustin’s daughters)
Son by Thalia: Ja’mai
Magical Apprentice: Edros

Reputations and Strengths
Powerful Mage
He is an artist almost without peer.
He is a renowned linguist, having developed a written form of the barbarian language and a variant of the magic mouth spell that has a bouncing ball highlighting the words as it speaks. This spell is now widely used in institutions of learning.
Specialist in magical engineering, even forming a company called Terramorphic Engineering
Champion of freedom, hates and hunts down those who enslave with magic

Portrays himself as being evil, names his familiars and pets after devils.
Vastly overestimates his prowess in martial combat.
Dislikes having to use ‘boom boom’ magic and disdains those mages who rely on its use
Stubborn and Obsessive and rarely explains why he does what he does
Really doesn’t care what others think about him

Taiglin Beryllium

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