Baron Sonya Ironhand

Half Orc/Half Dwarf, Former Bodyguard to Sir Carol Evendale, Baron of the Iron Hills


Height: 6’2", Weight: 284.5 lbs, Build: Thick & Squat, Hair Color: Burnt Sienna, Eye Color: Black
Complexion: Dark Olive, Race: Half Orc/Half Dwarf


Father: Thorbar Ironhand
Mother: Durgat Urgash AKA: Momma
Known Siblings: Wicked Googley
Known Aliases: Filthy Ike
Age: 95

Born on the southern continent on (insert date here) to Durgat Urgash of the Southern Black Orc tribes, Ike (as his mother called him) was raised in a family where dominance was everything. If you were not dominant you were nothing. The family members were encouraged to fight to prove their strength and cunning. As the youngest of 12 siblings (all of whom were half orc of some persuasion) this was a hard life, and it wasn’t long before Ike and his brother Googley fled the family to make their own way in the world. However, after one misadventure after another Ike went his own way and after a time he found his father who was a Mountain Dwarf of the Ironhand clan. When pushed his father took him in but only because his pride would not let him do otherwise. Thorbar wasn’t much different from Ike’s mother and treated him cruelly. As his first act, Thorbar changed his name to Sonya, knowing full well that he would be ridiculed and mistreated because of it. Thorbar would not let Ike (now Sonya) claim the name of Ironhand however. After a year in his father’s house Sonya had endured enough abuse from his “family” and the populace at large and once again went his own way……but not before he stole arms, armor and money to make his way.

Sonya had learned to mistrust almost everyone by this time and his pure hatred of Mountain Dwarves and Black Orcs had solidified. As soon as he could he joined a small group of mercenaries, relishing the chances it gave him to fight those he hated. When a contract was accepted that required the group to work for a Mountain Dwarf lord he quit and joined up with some highwaymen for a time. It was with these Highwaymen that Sonya learned to use his imposing size and Strength to intimidate his foes, and he used it to great advantage.

After a time Sonya grew tired of the uncertainty of the life of a highwayman and left their ranks. He had not made any friends there anyway as most felt he was an abomination…..good in a fight but an abomination none the less. It was about this time that Sonya heard of an offer to work as a body guard and the pay would make him rich…..something Sonya had never been and he wasn’t going to pass up the chance. The Man he was to guard, a knight named Sir Carol Evendale, would change his life completely. Where as all who had met him had always treated him with disdain and revulsion, Carol treated him with respect as did the majority of his companions.

Now, after many adventures together with this group of people, Sonya has found a new place for himself, and while things are not perfect its better than any other place he has ever been before. And where he had NEVER had a true friendship before, now Sonya counts Marathon DustFoot, Wilhelmina Elindeale, Jazira al’Nuaim Zahranii, Dumas Boulanger de Gateau, Phildrin Bloodrose, Tam Sotto and Serena Barone among his growing group of friends and companions.

In the Year 1402 Sonya and Serena Barone were married.

In the Year 1404 after serving the United Kingdom as an Azure Knight and fighting in the Elven-Dwarven war Sonya Ironhand along with Marathon DustFoot and Phildren Bloodrose were elevated to the rank of Baron within the Kingdom.

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Baron Sonya Ironhand

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