Kalnius Shieldarm

Sir Kalnius Shieldarm-- Grand General of the armies of the Accords of Alysia, Marquis of the South, Baron of Thiras, Knight order of the Azure Griffin, Captain of the Azure Guard (retired)


My Family is and always has been military family. My grandfather is The Count of Leon and the Grand General of the armies. The family has some ties to merchant families (makes way bread). Family records maintain that we were high commanders in the Parthian army. A direct descendent was Tvar a high Captain in the Parthian guard, in charge of the Kings dragons. Though some gaps seem to be in the records which seem strange with how meticulous they are. We have some ties with other military families. The Shieldarm family has extensive estates (mainly tracts of land) as rewards down through the centuries. The estates have farming of wheat for way bread, but mainly foresting, stone and marble quarrying, with (speak softly) druids and wood elves helping to maintain and renew the forest. Because of these tracks of lands (on the frontier) there is some jealousy. My family is not exceedingly rich, but well off and can maintain a very descent life style.

My father is Tarliean a general in the army. My Mother is Aldora a daughter of The Merchant Martinus who sells way bread and Fayberry fizpop to the army opened up new avenues of commerce for the family. I have two older siblings. My sister Leathia the oldest is a druid. Then Balthan my brother is also currently serving in the army.

With a progression of family members serving in the Azure Guard it was my turn as youngest son. I was trained to be an Azure guard. Weapons, tactics, and working the farm were my schooling. When I was of age I attended the prestigious Coll├Ęge militaire Albion. I graduated with high honors. Shortly after that I was inducted into the Azure Guard as a Cadet.

Obscure Strategist “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting” Sun Tzu

Kalnius Shieldarm

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