Jazira al'Nuaim Zahranii

Jazira al'Nuaim Zahranii


Jazira al’Nuaim Zahranii, Squiress of the Azure Guard (born May 12, 1190 in the city of Sadina, Sultanate of Anatolia), the oldest daughter of Lord ? and Lady ? al’Nuaim Zahranii.

Vital Statistics

Height: 5’ 4" Weight: 101 lbs.
Black Hair Deep Brown Eyes
Age: 210 (HE: 18) Right Handed

Religious Affiliation: ?
Citizenship: Sultanate of Anatolia (Citizen) & Sylvan Kingdom (Citizen)

Family – as of July 23, 1402

Father ? al’Nuaim Zahranii [Sand Elf] Age: 624 (HE: 56)
Mother ? al’Nuaim Zahranii (née ?) [Sand Elf] Age: 613 (HE: 55)
Brother Halim al’Nuaim Zahranii [Sand Elf] Age: 254 (HE: 23)


Jazira is of remarkably cheerful disposition have been raised in the dangerous political climate of the Sultanate. She is inclined to see the good in people in most cases, but should she see you as someone as less than honorable you are likely to be in for a prickly time with her. She is incautious in battle and will streak in without waiting on her company, that being true she is ever much as willing to sneak up on someone and slice their throat quietly if that will serve better. She has very little sense of her own mortality, life is about not being bored. A bored Jazira is a bad thing, she WILL find a way to make things more interesting…

Jazira al'Nuaim Zahranii

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