Alton Addaway

Alton Addaway, Esquire


Alton Addaway, Squire of the Azure Guard (born June 25, 1361 in the village of Addaway Ferry, Free Citystate of Sweethome), the oldest son of Duncan and Rose Addaway.

Vital Statistics

Height: 3’ 5.5" Weight: 52 lbs.
Dark Brown Hair Brown Eyes
Age: 41 (HE: 25) Right Handed

Religious Affiliation: Druidic – of the Apple (Practicing)
Citizenship: Citystate of Sweethome (Full Citizen) & Elgin League (Full Citizen)

Family – as of July 23, 1402

Father Duncan Addaway [Halfling] Age: 77 (HE: 48)
Mother Rose Addaway (née Redwine) [Halfling] Age: 70 (HE: 43)
Brother Drogo Addaway [Halfling] Age: 38 (HE: 23)
Brother Logan Addaway [Halfling] Age: 33 (HE: 20)
Brother Asher Addaway [Halfling] Age: 30 (HE: 18)
Sister Lilly Addaway [Halfling] Age: 25 (HE: 15)
Brother Ethan Addaway [Halfling] Age: 22 (HE: 13)
Brother Willem Addaway [Halfling] Age: 18 (HE: 11)
Sister Iris Addaway [Halfling] Age: 14 (HE: 8)
Sister Violet Addaway [Halfling] Age: 14 (HE: 8)
Brother Rom Addaway [Halfling] Age: 10 (HE: 6)

After several failed attempts to enter the knightly order of the Knight’s Palatine, Alton Addaway has just recently petitioned and was accepted into the reorganized “Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Azure Griffon” as a Squire. He is currently serving his term of duty in the city of Aedramir, Alysia of the Sylvan Kingdom and currently resides there at the Azure Guard Chapter House.


Alton Addaway

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