Alariste Shieldarm

Male High Elf Knight serving as Alysian Marshall for the Alysian Alliance


Sir Alariste Shieldarm, Alysian Marshall (born April 19, 743 in the city Avalon in the province of Ionia, Elven Kingdom), Azure Knight (retired), the illegitimate son of Aoluthantius Shieldarm & Iris Sérurier.

Memorable Quote“War does not determine who is right… only who is left.”

Vital Statistics

Height: 5’ 8" Weight: 135 lbs.
Brown Hair Brown Eyes
Age: 621 (HE: 44) Right Handed

Religious Affiliation: Alysian Orthodox (Practicing)
Citizenship: Unaffiliated

Family – as of July 23, 1402

Father Aoluthantius Shieldarm [HIgh Elf] Age: 979 (HE: 69)
Mother Iris Sérurier [HIgh Elf] Age: 875 (HE: 62)

Alariste Shieldarm has recently been serving with Kalnius Shieldarm, General of the Alysian Alliance Army, and his army at the recently constructed base of Camp Tristan located in central Gascony. He has been seen in the company of several former Azure Knights in Aedramir in recent months and was reportedly involved in some minor actions in the south reaches of old province of Galatia.


Alariste was born to Aoluthantius Shieldarm and Iris Sérurier. He is the Grandson of Erlnius Shieldarm a Azure night of long standing. Who served for over 900 years. A member of the Triad of Justice during the first civil war (see painting in the Library of the University L"Aedra). Currently Alariste is serving as an Alysian Marshall for General Kalnius in 1402.

Alariste was young during the first civil war (Age: 224 / HE: 16), but was pressed into service and saw heavy fighting during the war and at the Battle of Blue Water. The family estates were in danger from the rebels. He then joined the Azure Guard in 1028 after the war was over, as he was unable to rest in peace time. He was in the guard from after the first civil war until the guard was dismissed in 1143 at the end of the second civil war (wow a 115 years). He joined his second cousin Kalnius on the south continent. There he became a specialist in small unit tactics and movement. Then later left and became an instructor with other armies training some of their small units in hit and run tactics. He last worked for the Cillicians and then left them to return home. Upon being asked to help some old friends from the guard he got caught up in what could become a third civil war. He’s trying to work his way around this happening. The others on both sides and maybe three or four sides can only see the old ways to solve problems. The so called “Triad of Power” showed that new ways can work and help make the azure guard into a force of good and earned the respect of elves, men, Halflings and other races.

Alariste Shieldarm

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