Aialla Shadowstorm

Female Sand Elf Necromancer serving as an Azure Knight


Aialla Shadowstorm, Dame of the Azure Guard [ Female Sand Elf ] — (born April 10, 1198 in the city of Sadina, Sultanate of Anatolia), the oldest daughter of Harad and Illia Shadowstorm.

Memorable Quote“You may believe it’s an abomination, but I think it’s cute.”

Vital Statistics

Height: 5’ 5" Weight: 105 lbs.
Auburn Hair Green Eyes
Age: 205 (HE: 19) Right Handed

Religious Affiliation: Alysian Orthodox (Layman) — Non-Practicing
Citizenship: Sultanate of Anatolia (Lesser Noble) & United Kingdom (Lesser Noble)
Titles and Honors: Sultanate of Anatolia (Lady), United Kingdom (Knight), University of l’Aedra (Scholar & Magus)

Family – as of January 1, 1404

Father Harad Shadowstorm [Sand Elf] Age: 515 (HE: 46) Born: July 6, 888
Mother Illia Shadowstorm (née al’Rashid) [Sand Elf] Age: 479 (HE: 43) Born: February 23, 924
Sister Artasia Shadowstorm [Sand Elf] Age: 159 (HE: 16) Born: June 15, 1244

Titles and Honors

  • Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Azure Griffon (United Kingdom) — Dame
  • Master Magus in Necromancy from University l’Aedra (Sylvan Kingdom) — Magus
  • Master Academe in Arcane Arts from University l’Aedra (Sylvan Kingdom) — Scholar


Aialla Shadowstorm has just recently completed graduate degrees at the University l’Aedra in both Arcane Arts and Applied Necromancy. For sure service to the United Kingdom, Aialla was granted the title of Knight in the “Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Azure Griffon.” She is currently serving at in the city of Saule, Alysia of the United Kingdom and currently resides at the Azure Guard Chapter House. She is currently serving as a senior researcher and magical support expert for the Azure Guard.


Aialla Shadowstorm

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