Alysia Rising

Rogues will be rogues

One evening Zedi approached me with a special mission. “Phildrin, I need you and Turk to retrieve some documents for me tonight. They should be in a satchel in a Crimson Guard lieutenant’s apartment. Here’s the address.”

Turk and I met and hashed out a rough plan. The lieutentant’s apartment was directly across from the Bastille so we decided to approach from the back near the river. We acquired a small boat, rowed it across the river and docked it half a block away from the building. After confirming which window was our target we waited in the shadows until we detected the diversion that Zedi had promised us. We later determined that he’d set a wagon on fire on the other side of the building.

We quickly and deftly scaled the wall, opened the window, and entered the apartment. Our lieutenant was in the next room looking out the front door at the diversion. I spied the satchel and a number of documents immediately and began acquiring them. Turk in the meantime set to making our mission appear to be a random breaking and entering event by grabbing everything that wasn’t nailed down. After finishing with the documents I assisted Turk and began searching for the types of thing that would typically be taken during a theft (at least what I think would be taken, having never done anything like this before.)

In retrospect I felt a little badly about taking the vast majority this young soldier’s wealth, but I consoled myself by considering that our actions furthered the goals of the greater good, etc., etc.

After a short time we decided we’d done enough and swiftly and silently left the room and began strolling down the street back to our boat. Amusingly, our victim noticed the open window (in retrospect I probably should have taken time to close that, but live and learn) and yelled after us, asking if we’d seen anybody suspicious. We feigned surprised and assured him that we saw nothing out of the ordinary and promised to let him know if we came across any bad guys. He seemed satisfied with our answer and ducked his head back in his apartment.

We met with Zedi not long after and he looked through the documents. He found what he was interested in, which was the schedule for a courier between the Bastille and the palace. Our next task was to acquire the satchel from the courier, who was likely a mid-level cleric with several bodyguards.

I’ll touch briefly on that operation but it was really so trivial that it barely need mentioning. Essentially Turk cast a spell which dazed the cleric and one or two of the four bodyguards. I ran forward, cut the strap on the satchel, grabbed it before it hit the ground and dashed off before any of them knew what hit them. Turk and I both trotted off without a scratch and the courier was empty handed and bewildered.

I do hope that our next mission for the cause is more challenging. Perhaps we will break into the Bastille or steal the crown jewels next time.


I think we might want to get some more practices before we try the Bastille giving the heavy magic and all. I’m not that skilled with magic.

Rogues will be rogues

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