Alysia Rising

Journal page from Artemis

Every day that passes I feel the changes that are accruing around me are more than I can handle. I have yet to be able to truly establish anything that would help me in my goals. I wanted to have a haven from the political standing of the Azure Guard but Carol seemed to think that I didn’t need that. As grateful as I might be for the help with devil’s playing with powder under my tavern, it was still my problem to handle. The powder was going to be what I needed to establish myself with in the city and to enable me to catch the attention of certain officials within the city.
During the month and half since my return to the northern continent I’ve have started wondering on how short my life will be over how long it could be. Dwarf army’s coming and eleven civil war threats all at the same time how has this nation stayed together at all.

Carol’s announcement of claiming his birth right is troubling for me. I have to find out what he expects from me in this. I feel the path he has chosen to take is one I may not be able to follow. If he wins his birth right where does it leave our “friendship”, will I be shady person from his past or even worse will I have to change my ways to live in my new “home”.

I wish this book had a wise intelligent being to hear my thoughts and give opinion and advice solely from what I’ve written.


Answering in the book

“Valdamort here, what you need Slim”

Journal page from Artemis

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