Alysia Rising

"Good Troll Hunting" Comeing Soon to a theater near you

What good is Sneakin if you can't do anything with it?

Well today we are going for the trolls. We are riding at a pretty slow pace. Marathon is out scouting point and Tam is a bird again. The Forest is bucolic and quiet now that the Dryad has left us be. It kinda strange to think that I could be the source of so much anger in another being. How could she even suffer herself when driven by that much insanity? There is no joy being in that kind of place.

I can see from back here that Sonya is agitated again he is going on at Sir Carol. I can not hear him but I could guess it has something to do with Carol putting himself in harms way, it is kinda cute really, Sonya is like a hen who hatched a baby duck and the first time the duckling sees water heads straight for it leaving the hen on the bank in a panic. Sonya may one day learn that he can not stop a ducking from following it’s nature. Sir Carol is Knight and his nature is to charge in and leave his hen on the river bank.

Tam swooped in and squawked at Mina. I have to ride up bit don’t want to miss anything interesting. It is boring riding so slow when I know there is a fight to be had. YEAH, we are being trailed. Oh yeah Oh yeah I get to bash…….. Oh. No head bashing. Phil and I are going to sneak back and see who’s there, so… Oh yeah Oh Yeah. I get to do some sneakin. Anything is better that just plodding. I remember once when I was a kid and was very bored. Uncle Simi had been gone for long time and he had this cat…. Maybe I’ll leave that story for another time.

Only a mile or so back we could hear them. Three men riding. Wwellll… two were riding, one was just on horse back. Poor horse he look very put upon. WE could hear them with no problem, “They can’t be too far ahead those tracks are fresh”, They were Southern you could hear the drawl and they were making no effort be quiet, that is bad operations. “Oh. Okay. So who are you now, Marathon?” Marathon, these oafs know Marathon. Phildrin is on the other side of the road. I stand and point to the center of the road and then to myself. I’m not waiting for a response and leap to the center of the road, weapons drawn and with a flourish and Loud voice, “State your business.” With a little effort the two men in front settle their horses but the squirrely guy in back slipped off his animal and did a disappearing act. They introduced themselves as Samson Bale and Simon Du Monte with the shifty guy in the back calling himself only Slim. Not sure you can trust a guy with only one name, I think it means he has something to hide. Well ferretting out hidden info is one of our specialties, or it will be now.

I will bring them into to way point and let Sir Carol deal with them. They seam to know him and some of the others.

Sir Carol sent me out to find Marathon, I think he sensed that my good nature was beginning to wear thin That Samson Bale is going to be a problem. He does not know boundaries. So I mount up with grace, style and skill, leaving these new platoons for Carol, if he wants to rule a ship of fools he may have a good start there.

As I ride out I need to figure out what bothered me about that one fellow. I think on it tomorrow. Marathon was easy enough to find because he was leading a wagon. HUmgh. A wagon. “What did you find there Marathon?” I asked him. Marathon sees the world in pretty black and white terms. So it make perfect sense to him if you find a wagon you bring it home??? As he answered I then notice the oldman hunkered on the wagon.

" The trolls took his daughter for ransom" Marathon replied. “That’s awful, he hardly looks like he has much to offer for her. I suppose that we are going to use her rescue as the focus for some plan?” I joked. Marathon just looks at me and turns to continue back down the road. I can never really tell if he gets my jokes. " I have news for you." His reply is a simple “What’s that?” “Some old Friends of yours joined the party a bit ago” I pause dramatically but as usual Marathon is a sure spoiler on a good lead in because he too paused dramatically. “Well aren’t you going to ask me who it is?” And of course he did. “They are three men from the South, two humans named Simon du Monte and Samson Bale, and a slippery little Half Elf who calls himself Slim. What kind of person goes by only one name?” Before I finished my question Marathon had perked up and was setting a much faster pace. He didn’t quite leave me and the wagon behind but I think he would have if he thought it honorable.

Oh how I hate the cold wet soggy North. How does anything ever get dry here. Sir Carol and Sonya have me going back and forth across that twice cursed river, trooping around in the forest, like this is a good place for any self-respecting person to be hanging out, lost or no. There I said it out loud, time to get to work. I am supposed to find a secondary entrance to the Troll Cave but I will snookered if I could find the front entrance or even the cave itself. Oh thank goodness there is Tam I am a little embarrassed but I think I would rather be found by him than some of the others.

It is getting late….. stay tuned for continued thrill packed adventure in our next episode of “Good Troll Hunting”



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