Alysia Rising

Game 19 -- From the Missives of Sonja the Habomination

Eponi Valley, August 1402

While we waited to return to Aedramir I asked about the Fae Bain sword that we had found and took it into my possession, I wanted to have that sword as a backup for the next time that I got lost in the dream realm; Dam faeries. The grip needed replacement and the sword itself needed some polishing so I took it in to Snowy Village to have it cleaned and repaired. I also learned that the Jeweler that we rescue owned a shop in Snowy Village and I enquired of his wife about a commission. Now all I needed to do was to get the design finalized.

We needed to do something about the horses and after much discussion we decided to contact Xander about the horses and lucky me I got the job. So that night I went to sleep, with my new sword in hand, and reached out to Xander and almost immediately contacted him. He was apparently anxiously awaiting a report from me so I had to go through everything that had happened. When I got to the horses the man like to have had a fit, I’ve never seen a man so in love with horses. After a bit of discussion and a little haggling we came to an agreement about what to do with the horses and how we would be compensated for them. I neglected to tell him anything about the tomb however and he seemed to notice that I was leaving something out and tried to push me about it but I said nothing.

The following days were a whirlwind as Taiglin Beryllium and Seraphina LeFluer arrived to take possession of the horses and make plans for our departure. Seraphina LeFluer didn’t waste much time with haggling sadly, the woman skipped the most enjoyable part of a bargaining session by offering a very handsome price that was hard to argue. Phildrin mad a half-hearted attempt but she shut him down with little effort. I was curious about the Elf that was responsible for the teleporting, the man is a walking poster of the Elven Archmage, and I asked about him. I was told that he was Taiglin Berylium, Jai’mi’s father. While talkin with Carol about him I learned that he is possibly the finest painter of his or the following generations so I got this idea to ask him to do a design for the necklace. Oddly he was much more approachable than I had imagined, and after explaining what I wanted and why, he seemed intrigued and willing to do the job….he even offered to do it for free! Far be it from me to argue over a price like that. Just before we left I took the drawing to the Jeweler’s shop, the woman there was awed by the design that I had brought her telling me that it would be quite the challenge for her husband.

Aedramir, September 1402

Upon our return to Aedramir we quickly learned that there was a plot within the Senate to have the Azure Guard stripped of their standing and power. The motivating force behind this was the new Cardinal, Johann Tetzel. Upon his appointment he had come to Aedramir with 4000 of the church troops, removed the Azure Guard from the command structure of the Crimson Guard and then worked with certain Senators to begin the process of disbanding the Azure Guard altogether. So Carol, Dumas and I decided to enter the City quietly and acquire a place to stay other than the Chapter House. Dumas and I went to our separate contacts to find lodging and, after we both found a place we decided to keep both places open.

After that, at Carol’s behest, I went to the Chapter House to make contact with the Guard that were still in the City to find out what was going on as we had heard that they were being followed and harassed. I took the route through the sewers and found one individual watching the way in. However he was not well placed and I easily moved past him. The Azure Guard stationed inside the door was a little surprised to see me but quickly welcomed me in. As I entered the main hall Serena ran and flung herself at me. I guess she was glad to see me, and if I’m honest with myself I was glad to see here as well. There was someone new in the hall as well….someone that looked very familiar to me but I couldn’t quite place it. She had been brought there by Slim on behalf of Tam. I listened as Serena explained that like many Guard, the staff had been harassed by either the Crimson Guard or other unknown individuals. Malric had been arrested by the Crimson Guard when he had reported to the Bastille and was still being held there. After hearing what she had to say I asked her about the new woman so she introduced me to her. Her name is Dulcinea Calabressi and she claimed to be an Azure Knight. She also claimed to be MUCH older than her appearance could lead anyone to believe. During the conversation that followed I learned that she had once been the vessel of Semiramus but she claimed to no longer be possessed by her. It was only then that I remembered why I recognized her. I had seen her years ago in my mother’s encampment on the eve of the Winter Solstice, only then my Mother had called her Semiramus, addressing her as her Goddess, for my mother is a leader of the Cult of Semiramus. I immediately got everyone out of the hall and sent Slim to Find Carol. In my haste I forgot that he and Dumas had gone to the new safe house and I sent slim to Duval’s house instead. It turned out to be a good thing as the person that got the message was the wizard Zee. He arrived via a teleport and the air fairly sang with imminent sorcery. Dulcinea was immediately frozen in some kind of amber colored glass and he stood at a loose guard saying n a low commanding voice “Come Forth”. After what seemed an eternity where we all held our breath nothing happened and Zee seemed to relax. Then without preamble he released the spell holding Dulcinea and stepped back. The conversation that followed was almost unheard by me, her appearance had dislodged old memories in my mind. I do remember hearing her claim that she had thrown off Semiramus’s hold on her and her family and that she was free of her influence…..but I can’t believe that. I remembered the terrible things she had done. This woman could be a plant to deceive and spy upon the Guard or even be here to destroy it from within. She could even be here to destroy Carol. I’ll have to keep an eye on her.


I don’t remember looking for carol I believe that was dads character within the guard.


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