Alysia Rising

Game 15 -- From the Journals of Phildrin Bloodrose

A History of the 3rd Age by Uriel the Bard -- Book 3 : Chapter 15

An excerpt from the Journals of Phildrin Bloodrose just before the War of the Three Kingdoms

After most of the expedition was called away, Sir Carol found himself in No Name City with just Marrathon, Jazira, and Phildrin. They decided to follow the King’s Road, now dubbed “Carol’s Highway.”Overgrown-forest-road.jpg

At first the travel was fairly easy but within a couple of days they came across regular patches of deep foliage. At one point the road was obviously intentionally blocked with recently cut branches and logs. The company scouted the area and decided to camp nearby.

That night the group was attacked by several will-o’-wisps. The next day there were further sections of overgrowth, and attacks by wood elementals and a bear who would clearly have preferred to be doing something else.

Throughout all of these attacks the sound of laughter was heard. Jazira, frustrated with the frequent annoyances, challenged the laughing creature to show themselves, but there was no response. Until, that is, that night when Jazira was visited in her dreams by what she later perceived to be an insane dryad. Although there was a significant language barrier, Jazira eventually deciphered the dryad’s message. Apparently the dryad was convinced that Sir Carol and friends were headed into the valley in order to steal away the horses that are descended from Epona.

Jazira assured the dryad they would leave the area after checking on the bridge that was nearby. The bridge appeared to be perfectly serviceable, especially since it was being repaired by a dozen or more trolls. Sir Carol wisely decided to return back to No Name City and await the rest of the gang before returning to the bridge, probably with a side trip to take care of a certain crazy dryad.



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