Alysia Rising

Game 19 (Side Adventures) -- Do you know the Musket Man?

Phildrin wandered through the city in the mid-morning, keeping a low profile. He had a meeting with Turk soon, and he was trying to gather more information about the state of the city. As he was passing a tavern he glanced through the open door and thought he recognized Silas the bard sitting casually. The dark elf walked in, ordered a drink, and sat at an adjacent table.

After a quiet conversation Phildrin discovered that Silas was keeping an eye on the person who was thought to have shot Sonja; the suspect was upstairs and Silas was watching all possible exits. This interested Phildrin greatly; he suddenly had a vision of the look on Sonja’s face as the severed head of his would-be assassin was dropped in his lap.

“Want some company, Silas?”

Not long after, a very attractive woman, apparently a fille de joie, walked upstairs, knocked, and was let into the suspect’s room. Fifteen minutes later she left. She didn’t look particularly disheveled and after a hurried discussion Silas agreed that Phildrin should follow her.

A short time later the woman walked up the gangplank of a ship, the Sea Dove, where she was ushered into a cabin. Phildrin snuck on board and hid himself outside the window of the cabin and overheard the exchange.

“What do you mean he won’t come out? I paid him 100 gold to take care of him!”

“I know, but he said he’s being watched and he won’t come out until dark.”

“Damn him…I want you to gather some thugs and go take care of whoever is watching him. I need this taken care of!”

The woman left the cabin and slipped into the crowd. Phildrin followed soon after and hurried back to warn Silas.

Silas was, perhaps unsurprisingly, visiting with a young woman and so the dark elf decided to hide himself across the street where he had a good vantage to wait and see what would happen.

Soon the mystery woman arrived with four sailors in tow. The sailors sat by themselves and the woman walked to the back of the bar and began apparently flirting with another person. After a short time the woman apparently gave a signal and the sailors stood up and started making their way towards Silas. At that point Phildrin stepped out of the shadows and walked across the street into the bar. As he walked in he heard Silas explaining calmly to the sailors that they had no disputes and there was no reason for anyone to get hurt. The sailors looked confused and Silas pressed his point by offering to pay the sailors to simply walk away. This idea appeared to be amenable to the sailors and after a short exchange of coins Silas sat back down. Phildrin shrugged and stepped to the bar to order another wine.

The woman, visibly upset, whispered to the man she had been speaking to who promptly got up and strode directly to Silas.

“It’s about time for you to get up and come with me,” said the man.

“No, I don’t think that’s a good idea. Listen, we’re not enemies…I don’t want to fight you.” Silas continued for quite a while, seeming to confuse the man.

Finally the man seemed to get fed up with Silas’ stalling and drew his sword and main-gauche. “Listen, you can come quietly with me or you can die right here.” Silas began his spiel again and the man stabbed with his rapier, but somehow missed…perhaps he was blinded by the soaring rhetoric spewing out of Silas’ mouth.

Phildrin decided this would be a good time to assist his fellow Guardsman and charged across the tavern to stab the man. After making a solid hit and dancing back out of reach Silas said, “See? You’re not the only one with friends…if you don’t leave immediately this is going to end very badly for you.” This last intimidating comment was apparently too much for the attacker and he promptly fled.

In the meantime the mysterious woman had rushed upstairs and was in the room of the musketeer assassin. Phildrin ran up to the side door and Silas went to the front. Phildrin opened his door cautiously and barely avoided being ventilated by a musket ball. He rushed in, sword drawn, and rushed the musketeer, running him through with a rapier. Simultaneously, Silas broke a window in the front and leapt through it.

The musketeer apparently didn’t want to tangle with the dark elf and ran through the apartment, right through Silas. The bard took the opportunity to slash at the unarmored man and critically injured him. The man ran out of the room, leapt over the balcony, and began running away.

The woman, screaming for the Crimson Guard, ran out of the room and down the road. Phildrin quickly realized that it would be a bad idea to be seen chasing a woman screaming for help with his sword drawn, so he started following the musketeer, who had jumped into a sewer entrance. After a brief chase Phildrin caught up to the man and convinced him to surrender. He reluctantly decided that information would be more useful than his severed head idea he’d had earlier, so he led the musketeer to the safehouse where the Azure Guard would be meeting later that afternoon.

After leaving the man in the custody of the Halfling Guardsman, Phildrin met back up with Silas who happened to be at the Sailor’s Sprawl. Silas had done some quick searching of the musketeer’s room and found a list of potential “hits” including Sonja, Sir Carol, Guido Sarducci, and some others.

Seeing Sarducci’s name prompted Phildrin to pay a quick visit to his friend Ramone Sarducci. Ramone explained that the assassin was a former royal Musketeer and requested to have the man turned over to him since his cousin, Guido, was on the hit list. Phildrin respectfully declined, explaining that the Azure Guard needed to interrogate the man first. Ramone was even more interested in the man who hired the assassin, the captain of the Sea Dove. That man works for the Dwarves and has had it out for the Sarduccis for a while.



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