Alysia Rising

"A Home for a Few Strays and Some Cattle"

Game 18 -- Saturday, May 30, 2015 at 2:30 pm

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  • Puck — the beaver Tam Sotto befriended

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of a message from Tam Sotto to the dryad Shannon[/b]

My lovely Shannon, I hope this missive finds you well. I fear that the conflict you foresaw has become unavoidable. We have encountered a dryad druidess opposed to the reopening of the King’s Road. Keeping in mind your warning that I would be drawn into an unwelcome conflict with the fey, I have done my utmost to try to come to some sort of peaceful resolution, and I thought that I and our exploratory party had succeeded. The druidess promised to let us continue and show us the legendary horses of the Eponi valley. We had some non druidic difficulties along the way, some brigand trolls had taken up residence near the King’s Crossing Bridge and had to be dealt with and a beaver named Puck needed help building a dam. Also while I was helping with the dam, the rest of the group discovered a bullete. Oh, I wish I had been there, Imagine an alpha predator that can move through the ground, it would have been glorious to see, but by the time I, Ja’mai and his father had arrived the fight was finished and the bullete was a mangled corpse that was starting to stink. Taiglin terrified me as he animated the beast, but he wound up posing it and then turning it to stone as a landmark. We did catch up with the group just before they entered the valley. Then the druidess turned on us in such a way that it has infuriated me. She drove the herd of horses down a steep hillside into our group. I was flying as a hawk so was in no real danger, so I concentrated on saving the horses. She has used up all of my pity and although I know she is one of your sisters, she needs to be stopped.
Scratch Albus behind the ears for me and I yearn for the moment when I shall see you again.
[i]Tam Sotto[/i]


Excerpt from the travel journal of Jazira al’Nuaim Zahranii (read at your own risk)
We left the carcass of what Sonja called a bulle’ on the side of the road. I have never seen anything like it before, it seemed to have a mystical sense for our weakest link, because one of the new guys, the squirrely one, was off his horse and up a tree. This is one of those situations that there is nothing I can do, I hate that. Usually I can assess strengths and weakness in an opponent, but this thing I could not see any kind of opening. Dumas fired off his pistols and drew the thing’s attention and he finished it off. Now that was just . . . yeah? Well now we are down a horse and Dumas is over there rooting around in the bulle’ thing. Don’t get me wrong I am willing to do the hard work and get dirty with the best of them but, that is just gross.

We moved along the plains until we came upon the hanging valley that Tam and Jaimi found and in it a large herd of equine were pasturing. We are here. This is it. It may be that now is the time when destiny will places a hand upon our path and lead us into what could be Interesting Times. I can see it in my mind’s eye, the image of the true son of the Great King, the direct descendant of Aslyn himself, astride one of the valiant beast who rode barded and fierce under the hand of Leslie himself. Would that Carol could resolve his internal struggle and claim his birth right and bring about by right and might the rise of the Second United Kingdom. The days will dawn bright with the golden age of justice and equality among the many races and Elves. As I walk the path up to higher ground I feel with rumbling certitude that this is a place of beginnings.

“….. while you can.” I heard the crazy dryad voice say. Just as I look up the hill I could see her pop out of existence, that crazy Dryad, it figures, we are going to have to do… Horses coming over the cliff in full stampede. Owwh. Hooves. Ohoo. Hurt. Shht. Where did they all come from? They have got to stop …. slow down … they can’t pile. Not these horses. Even in full bore panic look at them, have you ever seen the like? They must be slowed and control their decent. I reach up and grabbed a hank of mane both to lift myself from under the pounding hooves and to gain control of the mare. If I could guild her down and keep her and the others from stumbling. Only one would have to miss it’s footing and they could all go down. My world would be less without these creatures in it. They must not die.

At the bottom of the slope we walked in a long figure eight me and this beautiful lady. Although she still trembled, she held herself proud, her head high, seeing everything, protecting her charges, this lady was a warrior. At a glance she was about 15 ½ hands tall, chestnut with a black undercoat, mane and tail. She was lovely my lady was. We were followed in our cooling down by about twenty others. There was no energy in this herd and also seemed to be no injury. I can see Tam and Aba Yon tending to Dumas, he looked down for the count I will go check on him shortly. I do not see anyone else too beat up. Some of the horses farther up the plain appear hurt. But the Clerics seem to be tending them as well. Oh my. The Sorrel she was taking a knee to Tam. I have never seen that before, gratitude from a horse. I am sure that all horses are grateful, for being fed, and brushed down and that sort of thing. But to openly express gratitude that is self-awareness, that is intelligence.

As I watch, Tam and the others are beginning to gather by Dumas. He was hurt pretty bad but Aba Yon seemed to have confidence that he will pull through. The Stallion appeared at the crest of the cliff face and a challenge, to whom I am not sure but Jaimi seemed to think that Sir Carol should go with it. Everyone wanted to go but Wilhamina had me stay with the horses and Aba Yon stayed with Dumas. He’s ruffed up I’m thinking that Dumas is going to have a few hoof shaped scars to entice the ladies with.

The Stallion is a beautiful sight, and that would explain the conformation of the other horses if he is the sire. I am by no means an expert on horses, but I have some cousins from my mother family that are quite adept with them. I know they trade around and do some quality breeding. In fact for my 125 birthday I received as a gift one of the geldings as a pleasure horse so I could go riding with Ama’Ma. But I think I was always more rider than that young fellow could handle. And the horses that we ride from the Guard’s stable are fine animals and have noticeably higher endurance that others I have ridden. These beauties here though, from the Hanging Valley, are so much more.

The others have not been gone very long when Tam shows back up saying that they found something and wanted both Aba Yon and me up on the Valley. So maybe there was a fight to be had here after all, Oh I hope that it is that crazy Dryad because she has some dirt to pay for and I am just the one to put her in it. Maybe they found her Tree. I know that Sonja and may be some of the others think that I am “crazy” but I am nothing like that evil witch, and she is going down one way or the other. This is all I think about as we cross this high plain. Then Tam shows us the Tome. It truly is the valley of the king, for with in the tome is a treasure of “Things, Wonderful things”.

This truly is “It”, before I was just musing but now within this crypt is certainly the corporeal remains of the Last King of the United Kingdom. This is Holy Ground. The Treasure, by that I mean the books. There are Three. What was, what is, and what will be. Uncle Simi taught me Parthian as I was growing up, I never thought I would have a real use for it and hated the learning of it. Now for the first time I am grateful for the long tedious hours spent in the secret rooms of the house studying (secret because it was forbidden in our house to learn this old language). The First of the three Books appears to be a history. I have no issue with turning to the last page to see how far forward it comes; The fall of the Litch King and the Battle of Thoringaard at the hand of Percivale I, Sir Carol’s great Grandsire. What a terrific find, it seemed to be a firsthand account. Oh! The Questions this will answer. The proofs that could be in here. The Third Book was also written in Parthian and was the History of the First United Kingdom and the Rule of King Leslie. The Holy Book I am uncertain about although it is written in Parthian it means little to me. I accept that Gods or God exist, they have had little impact on my life. But Aba You is all but in a full faint over that book. At first I am overwhelmed with excitement, this really was it. The Proof was right here in my hands everything that we would need to place Sir Carol Evendale on the Throne and truly launch the Second United Kingdom or maybe the Reunited Kingdom. My mind is racing I have to study these books. I am not too long in the books and my imaginings of the future when the reality of this begins to sink in; This, These wonderful Books will tear the whole world apart.


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