Alysia Rising

A city at last

Entry from Artemis Stronghammer

Teleporting is fun and very convenient for travel and I didn’t have to ride double with anyone to get to Aedramir. Ah haha. I would like to know more about traveling that way.

Now Aedramir it has changed some sense my few hour visit earlier this month. There seems to be more crimson fellows running around and no blue coats around at all. I decided the inquisitive manner at the west gate decreed me to go by the name Turk, Turkamon Dernière Attente, this will be my name in the city of Aedramir. It is my hope that this name will open many doors that would be shut to a person named Slim in this political world I’ve moved to. It is my hope that this will be our home for many years.

I believe Phildrin and I can have many interesting and possibly prosperous adventures. This conclusion has its merit based on our farce upon entering the city we made a ploy of me following him and him finding out and “stealing” my two horses at sword point so that they are stabled. He has made offers to help me and Sampson both make a few new friends within the city.

After our farce on the streets at the chapter house, I followed (in an unseen way) Phildrin to a low end tavern in the dock districts called Sailor’s Sprawl The-Witcher-3-Wild-Hunt-07-Skelling-Tavern.pngwhere we find Tam and Jazira. Some intel on the changes within the city were discussed and then Tam expressed a concern for his girlfriend Maelyn. Phildrin suggested I might be able to help get her out safely which I agreed to with the letter Y drawn in the dust on the table they were sitting at. I then proceed to develop a intricate plan for me to sneak her out of her place of work, but following the discussionTam ask me to follow him and he heads straight to Maelyn home so I can go get her now during the hot afternoon. He is too eager in his haste to save the damsel in distress that when I go in to get her I come out with an unknown lady that I later find out is not Maelyn. But she ask for our help to bring her to the chapter house so we do. It turns out she is claiming to be an Azure Knight Dulcinea Calabressi and wouldn’t you know she also claims to not be possessed by an evil demon that I later find out is the mother of all monsters. So far it appears to be the truth but I don’t want to be around when it is proven false it might mean my head or a life spent living as a DUNG BEETLE!! I CAN’T HANDLE THAT IT WOULD BE TERRORFING AND SMELLY.

Upon leaving the chapter house as a thief that was caught, beaten, and tossed out I was caught again by some fellas that work for this higher up crimson guy. And they want me to help put the guard in jail to leave only in a wooden box for coin.

The first night in Aedramir I spent by myself in a tavern my friends were scattered across the city I frankly don’t know where any of them are not my wife or Sampson or Carol or evenPhildrin, I do know where he will be at 11am tomorrow but that still leaves me on my own with only a map of the city on my mirror.

Well this is Turkamon Dernière Attente signing out September 1, 1402



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